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Sweet 16 Preview | The West and the Southeast Regions

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Since I am only here to help, I thought it would be so incredibly nice to preview this Thursday and Friday's games. Enjoy.


Arizona Wildcats (29-7, 14-4) vs Duke Blue Devils (32-4, 13-3)

DETAILS | March 24, 2011 | 8:00 CST | Honda Center, Anaheim, CA
WHO TO WATCH | It's close between two players for the best players on the floor. Arizona's Derrick Williams (6-8/235) and Duke's Kyrie Irving (6-1/180). Williams the only Arizona player averaging in double figures (19.1) and he doubles the second leading rebounder for the Wildcats. Smith is still coming back from injury and although he's missed so much time for a good part of the year, he's playing now and he's truly a difference maker. And I should mention that Duke's players to watch is a bit longer and includes Nolan Smith (21 PPG) and Kyle Singler (16 PPG). And perhaps the biggest difference between the two teams is that Arizona plays a ton of players, there are 10 players that play more than 10 minutes per game.

Connecticut Huskies (28-9, 9-9) vs. San Diego St. Aztecs (34-2, 14-2)

DETAILS | March 24, 2011 | 6:00 CST | Honda Center, Anaheim, CA
WHO TO WATCH | This is DTN's team, the Aztecs and they're still in it and there's no reason why they can't win. The Aztec front court is just outstanding. Kawhi Leonard (6-7/225 and 15 PPG), Billy White (6-8/235 and 10 PPG) and Malcolm Thomas (6-9/225 and 11 PPG) and it will be great to see a team with a really good front court against a guard like UConn's Kemba Walker (6-1/175 and 23 PPG). And I'm not sure where to even start with Walker. He's just so good and is the unquestioned leader for


BYU Cougars (32-4, 14-2) vs. Florida Gators (28-7, 13-3)

DETAILS | March 24, 2011 | 6:00 CST | New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA
WHO TO WATCH | By now, you've heard about and probably seen BYU guard Jimmer Fredette (6-2/195), but if you haven't you really need to do so. He's such a fun player to watch, and when I watched him last week, it was a bit strange to see him dominate the ball so much (I haven't seen a lot of BYU ball this year) but still rack up quite a few assists. There's only one other player averaging in double-figures and that's SG Jackson Emery (6-3/195). For the Gators, I was really impressed with the skill level that the Florida players had, especially their big men. I thought they all looked fluid and had a clue offensively. Point-forward Chandler Parsons (6-9/215) is an interesting player because he can handle the ball. PG Erving Walker (5-8/171) was a lot of fun to watch and I'm excited to see if Florida can stop Jimmer.

Butler Bulldogs vs. Wisconsin Badgers

DETAILS | March 24, 2011 | 6:00 CST | New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA
WHO TO WATCH | I will dispense with the butler did it jokes, but they did it again. Son of a gun. The Bulldogs best three players are all seniors: Shelvin Mack (6-3/215 and 15 PPG), the hero of last weekend, Matt Howard (6-8/230 and 16 PPG) and Shawn Vanzant (6-0/172 and 8 PPG). For Wisconsin, Jordan Taylor (6-1/195) is the best player you have never heard of. Forward Jon Leuer (6-10/228 and 18 PPG) is the other big scorer for Wisconsin.