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Red Raider Gridiron | Glasgow is Intense and the Pistol Offense Makes an Appearance


Post-Practice Non-Transcript | Here's the link to the video for yesterday's post-practice press conference.  Today, it's only head coach Tommy Tuberville and here's the non-transcript:

Good 3 days, good start.  Lot of work to do.  Good to be in pads.  Communication was good.  Linebacker communication must be good.  Speed of the game was good.  Fired up about the weather.  Could be Tuesday or Wednesday going in full pads again.  Want to go as early as possible. Need to lift and run, weather will play a factor in the next couple of weeks and will keep concentration.  Didn't do a lot of hitting.  Concentration good on offense, linebackers communicating on defense is behind.  Want to make it hard on the defense.  QB Seth Doege is throwing the ball well, he's mentally ahead than the rest of them.  QB Scotty Young and QB Jacob Karam are throwing the ball well, QB Michael Brewer is coming along well.  They all have to know this offense pretty well.  Did text the other coaches for this weekend's wins for the various sports (teams went 8-1 with the only loss being men's tennis) and for Texas Tech it was a good day for the university.  Pistol offense, want to do something to go a little downhill.  Looking at different things in the running game.  Will take them a while to pick up 4-2-5, still running some 3 man front.  Terminology is different.

Tuberville loves the weather.

Glasgow Makes Impression | LAJ's Don Williams writes about some position changes that happened on the practice field yesterday, including Sam Fehoko moving from outside linebacker back to inside linebacker and D.J. Johnson moving from cornerback to free safety.  Here's Fehoko:

"It’s not that hard of an adjustment since I’ve already played the position," said Fehoko, who was a backup middle linebacker two years ago. "But it’s definitely a new scheme, so there’s different tweaks to it. There’s different types of coverages involved. Other than that, it comes pretty natural once you keep practicing it."

The next paragraph on the article goes on to state that Fehoko weighs only 233 pounds and that may have been true last year, but when Fehoko last played against Northwestern, he looked like he had added maybe 20 pounds and looked, to me, overweight.  Maybe he's lost that weight since that last game, but I didn't think he looked good with the added weight.  Williams' article goes into a depth-chart from Sunday, but keep in mind that there were a number of players who didn't participate in team drills so I'd hesitate to state that the depth-chart listed is anything but just Glasgow figuring out his personnel. 

It is nice to see DE Jackson Richards back in the news, after a year of being redshirted, and I'll go ahead and say that I liked that the staff held out and redshirted Richards the entire year rather than play him.  He was by far the most talented defensive recruit from the 2010 class.  Here's Richards:

Richards (6-3, 252) was first-team at right end Sunday. He said strength and conditioning coach Joe Walker’s program made him stronger in the fall.

"I love the defense," Richards said. "D-line-wise, it feels like kind of the same thing I ran in high school, so it’s kind of home to me. Even a few calls are named the same."

Go check out the depth chart and would love to know your first impression or comment on where some of the players are lining up.

Pistol Offense | LAJ's Don Williams also has a notebook and mentions that the Pistol Offense made an appearance yesterday, I would expect some play-action out of the Pistol Offense next year in addition to running the ball out of that formation . . .  SLB Daniel Cobb (another guy that has moved to linebacker) likes Glasgow:

"He’s a good guy," Cobb said. "He’s like one of us, motivated, likes to run around. He’ll get after you if you’re not getting it right, but it’s good for us. We love him."

Miscellaneous | TTURed's Totally Texas Tech has lots of photos from yesterday's practice, make sure and check it out . . . LAJ's Matthew McGowan writes that the increase in salary has apparently ruffled the feathers of some of the other faculty because his salary has increased.  Here's an interesting part:

Through a spokesman, Tuberville and Tech athletic director Gerald Myers declined comment.

Tech president Guy Bailey said Friday the school was fulfilling a promise it made to Tuberville a year ago when it hired him at "less than market value."

Bailey told Tuberville they would consider tweaking his contract after a season’s worth of season ticket sales, which set records last fall. Also, Bailey said, the raise comes as Tech slowly withdraws acacdemic subsidies to less-lucrative sports, a funding hole he expects Tuberville’s football program to fill.

Still, Bailey said, he understands faculty ire.

"I’m sympathetic," he said. "I’d love to be giving pay raises right now more generally."

Hmmm . . . Does anyone know if coaches salaries comes from the money that is earned by the athletic department?  If that's the case and if the football program is the program is making the most money for the athletic programs, then doing what you think ensures the football program to continue to make money seems to make sense.  Typically, an athletic department has both football and men's basketball make money for a university and there's no way that the men's basketball is making any money right now so this doesn't bother me too much, if it's true that coaches' salaries come from the athletic department . . . there's some video after the jump . . .

. . . some video from Fox34 after the jump with Tuberville and Glasgow . .