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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe | 2011-02-01



I think it was just last week when I told you guys and gals that we were #10 on the list for boys.  Well, things are starting to pick up and we're now #8 for boys, #12 for girls and #10 for twins.  There's not going to be a lot of notice when my wife and I take off. 

One quick question, I am going to have internet access while in Ethiopia and was wanting to buy either a Kindle or a Nook.  The one advantage to the Nook is that it's a little bit more internet accessible and I'm one of the few people in the world that does not own an iPod/iShuffle/iPhone.  I'm going to need to get sort of e-reader so I don't have to take 20 or so books with me and with a Nook, I might be able to get onto DTN and quickly check in with everyone.  And yes, I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg for a netbook or some sort of tablet, which is why I was looking at the Kindle or Nook.


LAJ's Don Williams writes that Texas Tech President Guy Bailey says that interviews for the new athletic director will start over the next two or three weeks. 

Still, Tech wants to have Gerald Myers’ replacement named in March in keeping with what Bailey described as "an aggressive five- to six-week timelime" to conduct interviews and make a choice.

Bailey said the stepped-up time frame for making a hire is to defuse rumors.

"The longer you stretch things out, the more you have rumors," he said. "The shorter time frame cuts down on that stuff. That’s really what it boils down to. If you can do things fairly quickly, you can eliminate a lot of needless speculation and rumors."

I'm fine with speeding up the process.  I'm ready for this to process to be over with despite the fact that it hasn't even started.  And I'm praying that the administration is a bit creative in who they decide to interview.



Rather than trying to divide this up in a number of different spots I'm just going to post everything here.  We'll see how this goes. 

Up first, per OregonPrep's Dirk Knudsen, apparently DT Myles Wade will be transferring to Portland State during the summer, which means that Texas Tech won't have Wade here next year in the defensive tackle rotation.  I should point out that Knudsen is apparently a father-figure / big-brother to Wade and I believe that Knudsen took Wade under his wing and helped train him.  Let's just say that he's a bit biased towards Wade, which is fine, but knowing that, there's this:

Gone are the Coaches who flew the jet to Portland and made promises in the Family home that they could not and would not keep. 
As Mike Leech left campus in a storm of negative press in 2009 Wade pressed ahead always leading by example and setting the standards of behavior and dedication for the team.
This past season he was used on and off and had two great starts against Texas and Iowa State where he proved his D1 Status scoring sacks and multiple tackles in both games. 
But as the season was ending and he had not been used as much he maturely asked his coaches why.

I think this is a bit flowery and I don't think that Wade's starts against Texas and Iowa St. were "great" so I'm taking the allegation that the coaching staff didn't know that Wade was a junior this past year seems a bit much, especially considering on the official roster, he's listed as a junior.  If anything, I would guess that they may have told Wade that they didn't expect him to be in the rotation next year and Wade decided to transfer.  Had the article said that Wade's scholarship wasn't going to be renewed, then I'd have an issue, but that apparently wasn't the case.

So this brings up the defensive line conundrum, which is that there are only two defensive tackles on this team that will be on this team after the 2011 season:  DT Pearlie Graves and DT Coby Coleman.  Every other defensive tackle currently on the roster will not be on the roster after 2011.  That's the biggest concern about losing two defensive tackles, Jon Lewis and James Castleman, in the 2011 recruiting class.  It's never about the immediate impact of a particular player in a recruiting class, but it's going to be interesting to see how or where the defensive tackles will come from in 2012.  If I had to guess, maybe DE Kerry Hyder and DE Jackson Richards could be converted to defensive tackle?  Any suggestions?

Up next, LAJ's Don Williams writes about the de-commitment of DB Marcus Roberson and DB Freddie Warner.  Warner told the Denton Record Chronicle that since former DB Travaris Robinson left for Florida the current staff had not contacted Warner.  Again, I've heard rumblings that this is a grade issue with Warner, but I could understand why Warner would want to state that it was Texas Tech that was at fault.  The coaches obviously can't comment on commits so it's a one-way street as far as information is concerned. 

As to losing Roberson, it's a bit disappointing, but I'm not angry.  The only reason why Roberson was considering Texas Tech was because his former coach is now the secondary coach for Texas Tech, Otis Mounds.  I never really expected that Roberson would leave SEC country. 

The official site will apparently be your exclusive signing day home as they apparently have some sort of "live signing day board".   I'm guessing that this might be some sort of Cover-It-Live application as I think that SB Nation is the only website that I've seen that literally has live comments.  Can't wait to see the technology!


The Williams and Hyatt Show's Ryan Hyatt had's Greg Powers on the radio to talk about Texas Tech recruiting . . . There are a couple of interesting look back at recruiting classes and how those players panned out over the course of their careers:  FWST's Jimmy Burch, AAS's look at the 2006 Fab 55, and ESPN's David Ubben is taking a look back at the Big 12 players in ESPN's top 150 . . .

Turfburner's Jay Beck is apparently the only person that actually listened to Big 12 Commissioner's Dan Beebe's conversation with ESPN last week:

He was then asked what the TV deal between Texas and ESPN means for the rest of the Big 12.  His response:

"Well, you know, in the positive light, I think it means further solidarity of our conference."

Ok, I’ll go ahead and question this remark.   I would think in a best case scenario, nothing changes.  If everyone was satisfied before, then they’re still satisfied, and that’s best case.  After all, it wasn’t like this announcement was made out of the blue.  Schools probably would have been happier if Texas would have assigned their TV rights to the Big 12 and there could have been a network similar to that of the Big Ten.  But they knew that wasn’t going to happen so how the Longhorn Network increased solidarity is a mystery in my mind.

I appreciate Jay actually taking the time to listen to Beebe because I find him nauseating and appreciate Jay's two cents on the Beebe's comments.



Congrats to SF Mike Singletary for being named the Big 12's Player of the Week!  A big part of the offense's success was predicated on Singletary taking the ball inside and getting to the line. 


Up Next: Kansas Jayhawks
When:  February 1, 2011 @ 8:00 p.m.
Where:  United Spirit Arena, Lubbock, TX
TV:  ESPNU and in Lubbock:  AT&T U-verse (605), DirecTV (208), and DISH Network (141 and 148)

Not sure that I'll be able to write-up a preview this morning so this post might just have to be enough for a preview.  LAJ's Courtney Linehan writes about Singletary's recent streak of good play and fellow senior, PG John Roberson, had this to say about Singletary:

"I think the only reason he’s been underrated is because we hadn’t won," point guard John Roberson said. "You have to win games if you’re going to get looked at, get exposure. Us being on a little roll, winning games, people are going to get exposure and be seen. They’re seeing what he can do because he’s carried us these last three games, knocking down shots."

DT's Tommy Magelssen writes about how KU's Bill Self hasn't won in Lubbock, but head coach Pat Knight knows that past success does not guarantee future results:

"That happens; everybody has a place where they can’t win at, every team across America — pros, college — it’s hard to explain," Tech coach Pat Knight said. "It’s really pretty much a mental deal, but I wish it meant something, I wish I could count on it for (tonight) but you can’t. It’s just going to be another game."

Tech has won its last three home games against Kansas by an average of eight points, including a 19-point blowout two years ago.

But what does Tech’s home success against Kansas mean for tonight’s game?

"I wish I knew. You hope it continues, but, like I said, it’s two different teams," Knight said.

KUSports' Gary Bedore and the KC Star's J. Brady McCollough both write about the Jayhawks from the Kansas perspective, including KU's struggles in Lubbock, and make sure and check out SB Nation's Kansas blog, Rock Chalk Talk



College Baseball Daily came out with their Top 100 Collegiate Players and CF Barrett Barnes checks in at #32.  Congrats to Barrett!