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Texas Tech Trends and Big 12 Weekly Preview


Turnovers | We only had 8 turnovers in the game versus TAMUCC. It's unbelievable for us to get below 10 TO's in a game, and I'm extremely proud of our guys getting this accomplishment done in a single game already this early in the season. It shows that BCG had our guys working on ball control and passing, the basic fundamentals to win a game after our poor start to the season with mishandling the ball and racking up the TO's. Our TO's per game average is now down to 17.1, and I'm going to hope and look forward to keep seeing this number decline as we approach conference play.

Field Goal %| Being a team that is tied for #25 in the nation in field goal percentage is something to be thankful for. We take good high percentage shots, and look for the open man. Just running and gunning the ball is not something that we do. Sometimes you need to pull the quick trigger on getting shots off, but most of the time movement of the ball on the offensive side of the court will eventually open up a good drive or mid-range shot that is very makeable. The only downside to this is we only take on average 48.4 FG attempts per game, which is good for tied being ranked #336 in the nation. Being too conservative with taking the shot can be a big problem sometimes.

Leadership | I'm going to harp on this issue until I feel someone steps up and shows they are the heart of this team. We are starting to get to know the personalities of our guys on the court, and need to find that one guy that we can rely on to get us through the game when we struggle. Be grateful we have BCG on the sidelines to be vocal and teach and lead our guys, but we need someone out on the floor to do this. I'd be very interested as to what our fans think if I asked them who is the best candidate to be the motivator on the court during games. I'd also be interested as to what our fans said if I asked who you would want to take the last shot with 3 seconds remaining in the game when we are down be 2 points. The reason I'm so interested is because you usually want the same guy that's your leader on the floor during the game to be the guy that takes the game- winning shot as well.

Starting Lineup | I really wish I had an explanation of to who starts, and who gets the most minutes. I feel that our best players are Jordan Tolbert and Jaye Crockett. They should see the most minutes and can give us the best chance to win, yet sometimes they don't get much playing time. I know BCG is probably rewarding the minutes to the players that practice the hardest that week, but it can be a little frustrating to know we could have a better lineup on the court. If it were me I would start and have play the majority of the game the following lineup; Ty Nurse, Terran Petteway, Jaron Nash, Jaye Crockett, and Jordan Tolbert. Of course if all depends on who your opponent is, and if you have a huge guy you're playing against down low you might have to put Lew in there and take out Nash, sliding over Crockett and Tolbert to the 3 and 4 position and giving Lew the 5 spot.

Free Throws | There's not much to say here because I think every team should make above 70% on their free throws. We are shooting 71.2%, and in the past our free throws have been our downfall in close games. I think for any team to make 7 out of every 10 shots from the charity stripe is going to be the team to get the victory if the game is within 5 points at the end.


Top Matchups in the Big 12 This Week

#2 Ohio State VS. #13 Kansas | Saturday, December 10th. Need I explain? This is a much watch game that will make any college basketball fan drool. I know everybody will doubt me on this pick, but I think KU picks up the win to give OSU their 1st lose on the season.

Kansas State VS. West Virginia | Thursday, December 8th. Can the wildcats stay undefeated. I think so, but I want to see what WVU has as they will soon be playing in our conference. I want to check out if WVU has what it takes to get hard fought wins in the Big 12.

Big 12 Player of the Week

Quincy Acy | The senior Baylor forward did something that really caught my eye last week. He had 6 blocks in a single game. Also, to go along with 16 points on shooting 80% from the field and grabbing 6 rebounds. There is a reason why next year this guy will be drafted high and playing in the NBA.