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Cal State Bakersfield 58, Texas Tech 74 | Post Game Thoughts

Box Score | Post Game Quotes

Jordan Tolbert | I'm not sure when or if Tolbert will fall off, but son of a gun, he's good. 27 points, 6 boards, 1 block, 2 steals, 1 turnover and 1 assist. If you haven't watched a men's basketball game, you should just to see what Tolbert can do.

20 to 23 | Seemed like there were just a few rebounding opportunities and CSU-B out-rebounded TTU by 3.
25 to 13 | TTU took advantage of CSU-B's turnovers and outscored the Roadrunners.
60.0% and 50% | Thanks in large part to Tolbert who took 12 shots and made 10, this was TTU's overall shooting percentage and 3-point percentage

THE RESULT | IF THIS IS THE TEAM WE SEE, TTU WINS 4 CONFERENCE GAMES | I know I should be more positive about this, but this is an unfinished product and Texas Tech Tolbert is really the only consistent scorer on the team and he's a true freshman. I know that it's probably a beating to read from me all of the time the extremely low expectations of this team, but I do believe that despite the fact that at times this team can look really good, there are still big flaws with this team and there are flaws that I think that Big 12 teams will expose. That doesn't mean that I'm incredibly hopeful because I do think that the freshmen and young players who are playing so many minutes is going to payoff long term, but I don't think it's going to payoff for fans this year. Still, if you stick with this team through the rough times, the good times will be all that much sweeter.


Jararez Willis | Really had one heck of a game, finishing with 16 points, 3 boards, 1 assist and 3 turnovers. The turnovers were silly ones for Willis, but loved seeing him take some shots outside and was 4 of 6 from the three point line. He's been this team's most consistent backcourt player.

DeShon Minnis | Minnis got the start and I felt that he turned the ball over 5 times, but in actuality, he only turned the ball over 2 times and had 5 assists. Not to mention, he played some fantastic defense. Minnis could definitely be a starter on this team because he can distribute the ball and would be the defacto point guard for this team, while Willis would be the shooter on the floor. Minnis' biggest problem is that he has no outside shot.

Kevin Wagner | There was a CSU-B player, #12, that hit a handful of shots in the second half and the defensive stopper that Gillispie inserted was Wagner and he responded. His stat line isn't going to look good, but he pestered #12 into some turnovers and bad shots. He was excellent on the defensive end.

Ty Nurse | Nurse was okay and he's definitely good depth on the team. He scored 9 points, but he also had no assists and 2 turnovers. TTU only had 13 turnovers for the game, with the team's best ball-handlers, Minnis, Willis and Nurse had 7 of the team's 13 turnovers.

Toddrick Gotcher | Played 5 minutes and was asked to play some post defense late in the second half with a smaller lineup. Gotcher isn't healthy and his ankle is hurt, which is good because I wasn't sure if he was being punished or really hurt. He's definitely not 100%.

Luke Adams | Played only 6 minutes, but didn't do much.


My expectations are very very very high for each player and for our team so I'm never going to be satisfied but I'm happy with what we've been able to do and I think the real sign is how you improve and we are improving daily, we are still not anywhere I want to be but I do recognize they have made a great deal of improvement and great deal of upside to this team and we will continue to get better as the season goes on I will be real proud of them at the end.
- Head Coach Billy Gillispie
On team expectations.

Jordan Tolbert | He was by far and away the best player on the floor. He is syrupy-sweet in terms of what he brings to the team. He can score in so many different ways and he's a joy to watch. One other note, he is playing really good defense, especially perimeter defense.

Robert Lewandowski | He could have rebounded better as Lew had only 1 rebound in 25 minutes, that's awful, but he did finish with 10 points and looked adept passing to Tolbert out of the high post and had 3 assists as well as 2 blocks, 1 steal and 1 turnover. The rebounding was bad, but Lew didn't disappear from this team.

Jaye Crockett | Crockett only took 1 shot, but he played 18 minutes and that's at least a start. Previously, Crockett wasn't getting any floor time, but he really didn't contribute much when he was on the floor. He still needs to be better for this team and I think he needs to get head right with ball.

Terran Petteway | Was a really nice spark for the team in the second half, scoring 9 points on just 4 shots. Petteway is a versitile player that can do a lot of good things and he played some nice on-man defense. He's a hustler and can score in a lot of ways. He's just going to get better.

Jaron Nash | Another spark-plug, like Petteway, but with a worse offensive game and probably couldn't make a free throw if given the opportunity to scoot up a couple of feet. Still, Nash is an energy guy and I like having guys like that. When Nash plays, he's active and doing something, usually it's more positive than negative.