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Addressing the Report that Glasgow Was Fired, the Return to the 4-3 and the New Offensive Line Coach

I don't have a lot of time this morning. Certainly not enough time to address all of the things going on in my head in regards to the initial Twitter from CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman who reported that defensive coordinator Chad Glasgow had been fired, then the Twitter response from Texas Tech's Blayne Beal saying that Glasgow was not fired and will not be fired. I think I'm becoming more and more suspicious as time wears on, but I do believe there's a reason why this report was reported yesterday, which is the day before JUCO players can sign. It's the same reason why the somewhat caustic contract situation with Oklahoma St. and Mike Gundy has been so public the last couple of days. Someone, I don't know who, is looking to gain an advantage.

The other big question, which is if Glasgow is or will be fired and I don't have a clue. LAJ's Don Williams wrote an article last night summarizing the above and also saying that some of the Mississippi Gulf Coast C.C. players that would sign today said that Texas Tech would be running the 4-3 next year. I don't know who said it in the comments, but it was something to the effect of that Glasgow may still be employed, but he's no longer the defensive coordinator. FootballScoop had these two tidbits yesterday and I've put them in what I think is chronological order:

Texas Tech: Multiple sources telling us of an assistant leaving Tech. We are in the process of confirming. Would be very surprising to us unless he has something excellent lined up.

Texas Tech: Bruce Feldman just reported that Tommy Tuberville has released defensive coordinator Chad Glasgow. We were told a slightly different version; but regardless it looks like Glasgow will be moving on. Bright young coach.

This makes me think that there was some smoke there, but Glasgow may have been told recently , that Texas Tech would be returning to what Tuberville knew the best, and it's also not a surprise that new secondary coach John Lovett was recently the defensive coordinator at Miami two years ago, which also ran the 4-3, and that Glasgow had a choice: play along and run the 4-3 or find another job. Complete conjecture on my part, but there's too much smoke to ignore.

I have no doubt that if it turns out that it's true, that Glasgow is still the defensive coordinator, I am sure that Tuberville will say that the 4-3 and the 4-2-5 are essentially the same defense, that this is a natural progression and that Glasgow is fine with doing this. The first part of this is true in that I do think that the transition will be relatively easy and it may be the same defense, especially if Terrance Bullitt plays linebacker, but Glasgow may be the defensive coordinator in title only. This will be the fourth defensive scheme (4-3 to 3-4 to 4-2-5 to 4-3) this team will employ in as many years. That's not good and it's the exact opposite of consistency

In other football news, it appears that Tuberville has hired Texas A&M Offensive line coach Jim Turner. You can read Turner's biography on the TAMU website. Turner has essentially been an offensive line coach since the 2004 season, at Delaware and moved to Boston College before going to TAMU in 2008. Turner has worked with Sherman and although Sherman doesn't run the spread, Turner has experience with multiple offensive sets, from 10 personnel to 22 personnel, much like the Ole Miss candidate. I'm happy with this hire, especially considering how the offensive line performed for TAMU over the course of the last few years, a top 20 rushing offense and the line that gave up the fewest sacks in the nation.