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Texas Tech Basketball Trends & Big 12 Weekly Report


Turnovers | 20 turnovers again in the game against TCU after cutting the number down to 8 in the previous game against TAMUCC. We are not at all helping our cause to show where the experience of game play is starting to help on our decision making to execute clean offensive play with the ball in our hand. I would like the number of turnovers below 15 for the next 3 games or we are going to have major problems with being able to keep a close score against our opponent.

Assist to Turnover Ratio | The assist to turnover ratio was mainly developed to show how valuable of ball handling skills and distribution of the ball for a guard player is individually. You want to check and see which guard has the most potential to bring the ball up the court and get the rock to the open man. This number is extremely important to some people, mainly focused on the PG position. This is not a number that I follow much, because it is made for help rating individual players and not overall team play. To date though Toddrick Gotcher is the player on our team that has the highest ranked ATR that has played in more than 6 games, and based on stats alone the most safe player to find the open man for a basket on our team.

Go-To Guy | Our go to guy for offense has been easier and easier to find each game. Jordan Tolbert had 27 points against TCU, and just seems like he is developing the quickest out of anyone on the team. He takes the ball strong to the hoop and knows how to finish, yet he doesn't just put up a shot every time he gets the ball. I like him a lot and think he has a bright future for us on the court for years to come. Let's follow his progress closely over the next few games and see if he stays consistent.

3 Pointers | I get scared when a team is not a good deep threat, and you can play back to block the entry passing and drives to the hoop. Teams are starting to back of and dare us to shot the 3 point shot. We were just 2 for 8 against TCU (25%), and that is not good at all. I wonder which of our guys is going to catch fire and be the deep threat on our team, but it seems to change each game who is the guy that can nail the 3. I know some people don't care too awfully much for shooting the 3 ball, but it is a very useful weapon to have on a team.

Heart | I am extremely happy whenever our team makes a big time comeback, even if they fall short in the end. It shows me they have heart and determination to not just roll over on their backs to give up. Also, watching the coaching staff start and put in the right players to start chipping away and bring us back in the game was very cool to watch. I don't know about you guys but I'm a Luke Adams fan now after seeing the TCU game, and hope to see him on the court a lot more.


Top Matchups in the Big 12 This Week

#22 Texas A&M VS. #13 Florida | Saturday, December 17th. Let's see what A&M can do against an SEC school that they will be facing much more of in the near future.TAMU already lost to Mississippi State earlier this year, and I don't think they stand a chance against Florida. But, it might be a good one to watch.

Kansas State VS. #21 Alabama | Saturday, December 17th. That double OT lose to WVU was a heck of a game last week, that's why I had it picked as a top matchup last week. Similar to that game KSU will be upset about that loss and take it out on a ranked Alabama team this week.

Big 12 Player of the Week

Thomas Robinson | I really wanted to pick Jordan Tolbert for this, but we didn't beat TCU. So, I have to give it to the MVP of the team that knocked off the #2 ranked team in the country. The Kansas forward was in beast mode again making 7 of 9 field goals for 21 points, and adding 7 rebounds in the game against OSU that I picked last week as a top matchup and predicted KU to take the win in.