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Good Luck Coach Leach and Thanks

Part one of the process is complete. I'd said, mostly in comments, that I think the healing process for Texas Tech fans is a three part process. I didn't know how some of the parts would happen. I haven't told people how to or when to move on, but I have thought that people will move on once the following things happen:

1. Leach gets a job (DONE!).
2. Texas Supreme Court decides if sovereign immunity applies and if it does not, then Leach can sue for damages, if it does, then Leach cannot sue for damages.
3. Leach will continue his lawsuit (I think) whether or not he can sue for damages and will shine a light on things written or said that many only know about if they've read the depositions.

That first part is done. Good luck coach, you don't really need it, but good luck anyway. And thank you for your time at Texas Tech. I can't tell you how much it was and is appreciated, perhaps now more than ever. Leach will have success, I'm sure of that and I hope he does have success for Washington St. and for himself. I said this yesterday in the comments that I won't be a fan of Washington St. because I think a fan is someone that goes to games, that buys merchandise, that donates money to the athletic department and if I'm being honest, I won't do any of that. Mostly because I just don't have enough time to follow more than one program and I struggle to keep up with all things Texas Tech and Big 12, but because I really only want to be a true fan of one team, Texas Tech.

And that brings me to points two and three. This is why I've never asked people to move on, and although I tire greatly of the negative comments that offer little, if any, insight, I don't moderate those comments because I'm not in the business of telling people what to think (for the most part). Things are falling apart in Lubbock. Players are de-committing, transferring and leaving on their own. Texas Tech just wrapped up their first losing season since 1992. I think it's fair to say that a large part of the Texas Tech fans are still upset about the method that Leach was terminated as well as what's happened on the football field. The spotlight is squarely on the current Texas Tech administration and their belief of what they did two years ago will justify their means. I've always somewhat sympathized with Tuberville because he didn't fire Leach, he just replaced him and that Tuberville will sink or swim based upon his football record and whether or not he can improve on what Leach did while at Texas Tech. I'm on record saying that I think this situation has hit the wall and although I was initially very much fine with giving Tuberville three years, I've had enough and I'm afraid that another year of bad football, which is what I expect next year, will only take the program that much further down a path I don't want the program to go.

I've always said that karma is a funny thing and things happen for a reason. Maybe I believe this because I need to keep my sanity. I know that DTN is a site where these things are discussed and I think that most fans are more knowledgeable than others, but not everyone really knows what happened. At some point, people will know and that's why you don't see me concerned about the administration. I think that what they did will take care of itself.

I won't write about those items 2 and 3 above very much, if at all. I think most, if not all of you, will follow the court proceedings and those events will garner media attention that I think that I won't be able to add much, but we'll see. So I'll end on a high note, rather than a rant about my University.

I thank you and wish you well coach, I'm excited and happy for you and wish you much success.