Adam James and SR Day

I just read an article on the DMN about players asking fans to not "boo" Adam James when he is introduced on family day this Saturday.


As I sat in the dining facility here in Germany, I couldn't help thinking about this and remembering my days playing ball in high school when the fans, our hometown fans, our friends and parents would "boo" us for our poor play or losing a game.  It hurt!  It hurt like almost no other pain in life at that time.


Now we all may or may not agree with what's gone on for the last two years.  But with two years of reflection I would like to state the following.  Adam James did nothing any different from what any 19-20 year old would have done in telling his family about what happened.  Maybe he embellished his story maybe he didn't, we'll never know.  We also would want our children to do the same thing, to tell us what's going on in their lives.  What we do with that info...well now that is something we can discuss.


My point is, for those who feel so high and mighty as to the HONOR and INTEGRITY of Texas Tech University not being what it was before the debacle with James/Leach/James etc., to "boo" Adam James this coming Saturday as he is introduced is tantamount to lowering yourself to that same level as the Admin., BoT, and Craig James.


It is your right, but as Charlton Heston said many times as president of the NRA, with rights comes responsibility.  Please exercise your rights judiciously and remember these "kids" are student athletes.  They play because they love the game and have abilities we do not.  That is all.


If we want them to be a team, then we need to support them as a TEAM and to "boo" one is to "boo" them all.  If you choose to act in that fashion, then please I beg of you, stay home or go to your local sports bar, etc. and "boo" the team from there.


Very Respectfully, 

Travis W. Bishop

Senior Chief Petty Officer, United States Navy

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