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Trending for Texas Tech & The Big 12 Report


Press Defense | We actually messed the other teams up when we start pressing. I don't know why we don't start pressing full court like we did against DePaul. We know how to to do it and the other teams get scared. We cause a lot of turnovers, and can get in the other teams grill to start and take us on like we need to show how our D really works.

Hope| We can only hope that our basketball team will give us that much needed victories that make our happiness standard. After the loss to Baylor in football, we have a lot of people to look to us to do good for our school. We will do it. Let's show why college basketball is going to be our fun/exciting part of this DTN!

Defense | Our D just is getting burned, inside and out. I don't know if it's because of us lacking experience against higher level competition, or because we don't move our feet and shift over to the open man when the ball is coming straight at us down the lane. Whatever it is we need to really work on it because our competition is only going to get faster and stronger. If we can get to the position the other team wants to dribble or pass to we will be the ones forcing turnovers and getting fast-break points.

Leadership on the Floor | I don't know who is going to step up and take charge of this team on the court this season. It seems like no one is really becoming a vocal leader and getting on to others to pep them up. As, I watched the games I wanted so badly for big Lew to do good and take charge, but I was very disappointed in the display I saw on the floor. He tries, so I've got to give him credit. But in this Old Spice Classic tournament I was let down tremendously. He did not look good at all. So, if our lone senior center is struggling, who is going to be the guy to get the troops back in line? I think Tolbert could do it, as he looked really good in the tournament and could have started cheering on his teammates to rally us, but he is only a freshman. Ty Nurse would be the guy I would tell to get vocal. He has won a championship before at the college level, and is a junior who has been around the block before.

Turnovers | I am going to just keep on talking about over turnover's until something changes. I know people think we are bad in this category, but I want everyone to realize how pathetic we really are in TO's. There are 342 schools in Division 1 basketball. We are ranked #18 in most turnovers per game out of those 342 schools. Yeah, we will get better as the season goes on. Yes, we are young and make careless passes. Yes, sometimes we run down the court and forget to bring the ball with us. But, just think if we would have been able to get a shot off against DePaul had we not turned the ball over twice on both chances to tie the game when we were only down by 3 points. All the other teams are going to get better and more experienced with less mistakes as well, so we better shape up and get a hold of ourselves to stay in control during the games.


Top Matchups in the Big 12 This Week

#8 Baylor VS. Northwestern | Sunday, December 4th. Northwestern won the Charleston Classic tournament and is undefeated. They beat LSU, Tulsa, and Seton Hall to take the title, which is no easy task for any team. Baylor has also won all their games this season, whipping a really good San Diego State team. I have a feeling that Northwestern will give Baylor a run for their money in this one.

Iowa State VS. #15 Michigan | Saturday, December 3rd. Let's see what Iowa State can do to a Michigan team that only has one loss, and that loss is to Duke. This Iowa State team has only one loss as well, to Drake. The game will help tell us what Iowa State can do this season, and if the Big 12 should watch out for them to be the sleeper team of the conference.

Big 12 Player of the Week

Thomas Robinson | The University of Kansas junior power forward was a beast. I was going to pick him as my Big 12 player of the week after the first 2 games of the Maui Invitational tournament even if he sat on the bench the entire 3rd game. If any of you guys got to see him play on TV, you know what I'm talking about. He had a double-double in all three games averaging 17 points and 12 rebounds, and did all the things a big forward needs to do to win games. He is what we can all hope that our Jordan Tolbert will turn out to be like.