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SFA Lumberjacks 54, Texas Tech Red Raiders 66 | Post Game Thoughts

Box Score | Post Game Quotes

Jaye Crockett | Had 13 points and 7 boards, while going 5 of 6 from the field.

82% | TTU's shooting percentage for the first half.
1 | The rebound margin, in favor of TTU.
23 to 14 | SFA outscored TTU by this margin off of turnovers.

THE RESULT | TEACHING LESSONS | Big Lew gets two early fouls, within the first two or three possessions and he promptly has a seat on the bench for the rest of the half. Lew starts the second half and essentially does the same thing and he finished the game with 11 minutes, 0 points, 1 rebound and 5 fouls. Lew didn't see much time on the court and there's no doubt that in this non-conference season, head coach Billy Gillispie is teaching lessons about how he wants a team to play, including Lew, who can't start the game with two quick fouls and leave his team without his scoring, rebounding, and senior leadership. Not only that, when mistakes are made, the player will see the bench and it doesn't matter if you're a senior like Lew or if you're a true freshman, like Wagner.

Overall, I thought the defensive intensity was outstanding, the guards pressured the SFA guards all game long and SFA shot 36% from the field for the game.  We're about to find out real soon (Texas Tech plays in the Old Spice Classic during the break) if it's the Texas Tech defense or the opponent.  The turnovers happened again, 20 yesterday, and that has to improve for this team to win many games in the Big 12.  I still hope that everyone doesn't necessarily judge this particular team by it's record and that you all look at the flaws that you see with this team now and if they improve on them as the year progresses.  I think if you judge this team on wins or losses then you may be disappointed.  I'm really hopeful and I like what I see thus far, I just have gone through too much sports depression this year to allow myself to think that this is a team that should make it to the NIT or the NCAA.  If it does, I'll be so happy and you all can tell me how wrong I was and I'll be happy to admit it.


Kevin Wagner | For a guy getting his first start after being benched for almost the entire game against North Texas, I thought that Wagner looked pretty good. His defense is going to earn him minutes as is the fact that he had 3 assists to 0 turnovers. Needs to hit his free throws, only 1 of 3, and that may be the reason why Nurse gets more time this year, especially during the end of games.

Ty Nurse | A little surprised that Nurse didn't get the start, but I think leading up to this game, Gillispie said that he needed every player to have full effort. He's really testing each and every player and I think that's a good thing and I think the fact that Nurse didn't start had more to do with Nurse's effort on defense, or rather the fact that opposing guards were taking it to the rack, more than anything else. Nurse still played well, even coming off the bench, scoring 14 points to lead the team, plus 3 assists. Nurse did have 4 turnovers and he has to be more careful.

Javarez Willis | I think this is just about right for Willis. He played fantastic defense this game and gave maximum effort on that side of the ball and it resulted in a decent stat-line of 10 points and 4 assists. Like Nurse, he had too many turnovers, 5, but absolutely loved the efford on defense. Just need to be more careful because the intensity is going to ramp up this week.

Toddrick Gotcher | Gotcher is solid and this isn't what I expected from a freshman. He hardly ever looks rattled and he's got a really nice shot to go with having enough size to be effective guarding most opponent shooting guards. Gotcher isn't pressing, only took 4 shots, making 2, but he's not a liability and he's capable of hitting an open shot when the opportunity presents itself. Also isn't afraid to go inside and grab a rebound, as he had 4 for the day.

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The biggest thing was preparation. I think we were very prepared thanks to our coaches and we played the game plan well. We had nice pressure on the ball to stop them from getting into their primary offense.
- PG Javarez Willis
On the biggest factor in today's victory.

Jordan Tolbert | Seemed like that if we can get this out of Tolbert, 12 points, 5 boards and an inside presence, each and every game, then I'll be happy. Of course, you have to take away the foul trouble that limited him to just 19 minutes, but if you've been able to catch a game, then you know that a player Tolbert has been incredibly important to this team as he offers a good amount of athleticism and post-presence to a team that doesn't really have that at all.

Robert Lewandowski | We've already talked a bit about Lew's troubles yesterday and no need to pile on. He'll be better. Promise.

Jaye Crockett | Crockett can be a match-up nightmare for an opposing team. Nimble enough to guard small forwards and big enough to also play inside. He was effective again yesterday and it's just a matter of time before he starts, I'm just not sure who he replaces. Only made half of his free throws, 3 of 6, but he made 5 of 6 from the field, and led the team with 7 rebounds.

Jaron Nash | Really somewhat saved this team after Lew and Tolbert got into foul trouble. I'm surprised as to why he didn't see time in the second half as I thought he earned it. I like how Nash goes to the rim, even if a bit wild, and in 14 minutes he had 5 rebounds. Would like to see him see more consistent minutes, but maybe that's his decision to make.

Terran Petteway | Petteway is wild and plays hard, but he needs to let the game come to him. I thought both shots that Petteway took were a bit forced and although he has a decent outside shot, he doesn't need to be shooting from the outside and should spend time watching Crockett and see how he gets his shots. I think he'd have a more successful freshman campaign if Petteway did that.