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Texas Tech 27, Missouri 31 | Sports Depression Continues


My sports depression continues.

I had family things that kept me busy almost all day yesterday, so I got up early and watched the game this morning.  I knew the outcome, but son of a son, I didn't know that WR Alex Torres, RB DeAndre Washington and LG Lonnie Edwards all went down with significant knee injuries (box scores don't tell you that).  If anyone says that this is a conditioning thing, I'm pretty sure that I'll ban you just because.  Missouri needs to invest in a new field with all of that SEC money as the current field is a disgrace to whoever Faurot is.  And no, I'm not blaming the loss on injuries, but they sure as heck didn't help.

I won't be able to get to any post-game thoughts until maybe tomorrow morning. I will say that Tuberville looked legitimately upset after QB Seth Doege threw that interception.  For the first time all year, I think that Tuberville is feeling the heat and he wanted and thought he had that game won.  When Doege threw that interception, I think Tuberville probably felt like he was about to throw up and as mentioned above, I think that Tuberville is feeling some heat not just from himself, but I think that something is afoot.  And this is just a suspicion, nothing other than my gut telling me that this game and the Baylor game mean something for Tuberville to keep his job.  I'm probably totally wrong on this sort of thinking.  Cornelius Douglas is this team's best cornerback and it's not even close.  Too bad he's only been on the defense two-deep for two weeks.

Don't forget the men's basketball team plays today at 2:00 pm at the United Spirit Arena against Stephen F. Austin and will be on TTSN, ESPN3 and check your local listings on FoxSports.