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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-11-15


Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site - Texas Tech University
If you want to buy some Texas Tech stuff and want the proceeds to go to the Wounded Warrior Project (rather than someone's pocket), then click the link above for the auction to purchase the game-worn gear.


Curry: Game in Houston important on recruiting front | Red Raiders and Lady Raiders enter AP poll at No. 25 | Red Raiders
Just some quick notes in the first link, and congrats to the Lady Raiders for entering the top 25 this week.  As an aside, the game is Wednesday against Houston.

Lady Raiders officially announce signing class | Red Raiders
Congrats to all of the ladies that signed Letters of Intent:

Forwards Kellyn Schneider and Shunta Nevitt and guards Minta Spears and Ivonne CookTaylor will join the Lady Raiders next season.


Texas Tech Takes Non-Conference Trip to San Jose State - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site
Good luck on the West Coast!


Observations from Tech's win in Gillispie's debut | Red Raiders
I like Kosmider giving his thoughts after the game (which was Friday).  The next game is Wednesday night, in Lubbock, against North Texas.  Preview will go up tomorrow.

Football links are after the jump.


You all have covered the Monday Presser, so I'm not going to do it this morning.

Red Raiders don't want to stop streak of being bowl eligible | Red Raiders
I hope that SS Terrance Bullitt and WR Jacoby Franks mean it when they say that the bowl streak is important to them (it's important to me, as silly as that may be).  Here's Bullitt:

"Very important," Bullitt said Monday. "We want to keep the streak going. What’s it like, 19 years going to a bowl game? We’re all aware of that. We’re going to work hard, and we’re going to send the seniors out on a good bowl game."

And Franks:

"That is super important," senior flanker Jacoby Franks said. "We’d be the first team in I don’t know how many years to not make a bowl game. We work too hard every day not to make a bowl game. It’s like our vacation at the end of the season, so we’ve got to make it this year."

And Franks says that the team is not splintered:

"This is the closest team I’ve been around," he said. "The four years I’ve been here, it’s the closest team. We’re not breaking loose. We just need to play well together. We’re all friends off the field. We’ve just got to play for each other, play for these coaches, play for the fans and we’ll be OK. We’ll make it to a bowl game."

Red Raiders football notebook: Not giving it away | Red Raiders
I think it's foolish of me to refuse to think that C Justin Keown would give away plays.  I think you all need to let me have my head in the sand on just one topic and this is it.  Just can't imagine a player doing this to his team so I'm going to refuse to believe it even though I know what's out there.

Tech looks for confidence with Mizzou game looming - The Daily Toreador: Sports
Seems like we're throwing around the term, looking for confidence.  I don't think that's something that you just find and I have no idea how to instill confidence in a team that has been blown out for the past 3 weeks.

After knee injury: Learning how to run - again | Red Raiders
I'd also encourage you to to go to Baron's blog, where you can read his post about recovering from his knee injury as well (he would probably appreciate the visits). 

The following day would always come. I would wake up just in time to throw on a pair of dirty clothes and brush my teeth, just like the previous day. I would grab my worn out tennis shoes with the partially detached souls that would flip and flop as if they were laughing at me. Grabbing the shoestrings I would tie them up as tight as I could, and even add a double knot to shorten the frayed laces so I wouldn’t trip on them. I couldn’t afford to trip and fall because it was already hard enough to run in the darkness.  I would grab my oversized backpack and Five Star binder full of crumpled homework and head outside to the porch to see if I could see the lights of the school bus approaching. As always, at 5:45am the glowing lights of the bus would cut through the darkness. At 5:45am each morning opportunity arrived, and at 5:45am each morning I had to chase it so it didn’t leave without me.

And I didn't listen to Baron's brother, Brian, and the video there when I read this originally, but I did this morning and now it is your moment of zen because it's pretty good.  I also think about their mom who raised at least two diverse kids.