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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-11-11

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Pretty pretty pretty - Unlikely Words - A blog of Boston, Providence, and the world
This seems like we all might need or can appreciate a moment of zen.  For me, I kinda needed this.

Landscapes: Volume Two from Dustin Farrell on Vimeo.

I got an email from some public relations firm earlier this week asking if I'd like a Wounded Warriors hat.  I said absolutely, thinking that this was a scam, so I gave a complete stranger my mailing address and to my surprise, I received the hat in the mail on the right.  Pretty cool.  I don't know who to thank, so I'll just say that you can find the Wounded Warrior Project at that link and you can find the Texas Tech swag at that link.  It's a terrific cause and considering it's Veterans' Day, it seems appropriate to try to make a difference if you can.  Thank you to all of the veterans out there and if your dad, brother, sister, mother, etc., served, give them a call and tell them thank you.

One other note, there are a ton of men's and women's basketball links out there this morning.  If I have accidentally repeated a link, I apologize in advance.


Expansion still on minds of some in the Big 12 -
I don't think the Big 12 is done just yet, which is why I also think that Lousville didn't put up much of a fight.  I think they know they're going to go to the Big 12 as soon as possible.  Here's the quote from the mysterious Big 12 source":

"We have to explore what type of growth would have to be better for our conference," the source told Tramel. "There’s no data that a conference of 16 is better than a conference of 12. In our case, the number is not the issue so much as the quality. But to make it better for West Virginia, we have to add Louisville. For our conference stability, adding Louisville is good for us because it would be good for West Virginia. The more we can get people to start talking about the greater good, the more stable this conference can become."

Men's basketball, women's basketball and football links are all after the jump.


Lone senior Lewandowski makes commitment to self, Red Raiders | Red Raiders and Wait is over: Gillispie era set to tip off vs. Troy | Red Raiders and Red Raiders to play Troy in season opener - The Daily Toreador: Sports and Lone senior Lewandowski makes commitment to self, Red Raiders | Red Raiders and Red Raiders begin season with bevy of newcomers | Red Raiders
Lots of good stuff in all of the links.  From the DT, here's head coach Billy Gillispie on the game tonight:

"I look forward to providing a game where fans will be willing to come back and see us again," he said. "I guarantee the fans will see effort, determination, hustle and all of those intangible things. I just don’t know who we’ll throw the ball to."


"(Lewandowski) is the only player on this team who knows everything that’s going on," he said. "He knows every position and he knows every one of his teammates’ academic situations. Once we get to where everyone is organized and knows what they have to do, I think you’re going to start to see the player he has become."

That last part tells you a lot about Lew as a person.  Hope he has a lot of success this year.

And from the LAJ, I thought this was pretty good, C Robert Lewandowski was either going to lose weight or he was going to be redshirted:

"We just said, ‘Hey, Robert, this is what we’re going to do,’" Gillispie said. "We’re either going to redshirt you next year or we’re going to get (you) drafted (into the NBA). … In my estimation, he needed to change his body, change his conditioning level."

Gillispie quickly had the attention of his most experienced player.

"He came in and said that if I didn’t lose the pounds, I wouldn’t be playing," Lewandowski recalled. "That was the beginning of the motivation."

Can't wait.  And if anyone knows what channel the game will be on tonight, please post in the comments.  I have DirecTV in Dallas, but I couldn't find it. 


Hyde brings physical aspect to Lady Raiders | Red Raiders and Local basketball standout Schneider signs with Lady Raiders | Red Raiders and Quintet of junior guards poised to lift Tech to next level | Red Raiders and Lady Raiders' freshman set to begin career against hometown team | Red Raiders and Grant makes return to Lubbock as New Mexico assistant coach | Red Raiders and Lady Raiders host New Mexico to open season - The Daily Toreador: Sports and Experience, talent give Lady Raiders hope for more | Red Raiders and Mallard grows into leader on court for Lady Raiders | Red Raiders
That's eight articles to peruse this morning.  Some from the other day and most are from today.  Loved the article about the quintet of guards, really lets you know the type of games they all play.  And this is from the DT from head coach Kristy Curry:

"If we work hard and do the things we are capable of doing, we will have that opportunity come March," she said. "But, at the same time, not being satisfied, you know, we don’t want to squeak our way in or lose in the first round. We want to continue to finish in the top three of this league and compete for a right to get to the Final Four."


OSU achieves program history       - The Daily Toreador: Sports and Red Raiders don't like being seen as Oklahoma State's JV | Red Raiders
These articles were from yesterday.  Yes, Oklahoma St. is scary-good this year.

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech Football Preview - Cowboys Ride For Free
The good folks over at Cowboys Ride For Free preview the game tomorrow.  I'm so scared baby (and that's not sarcasm.).

An all-access look at Texas Tech - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
Someone asked for a recap of the All-Access show (I don't know when it is going to be replayed) and the Ubbenator does have a summary.  Bits on Glasgow, Prunty and Tuberville, but I enjoyed this bit from OC Neal Brown:

Interesting to see OC Neal Brown offer a team-wide academic update on Tuesday, calling out receiver Marcus Kennard to study for a history test. Stuff like that, and accountability, is where some senior leadership can come into play. Brown also announced in a team meeting that WR Tavares McRoy had gotten a 100 on a test and reserve QB Michael Brewer had gotten a 96. Positive reinforcement! "Smile, man. It's not illegal to smile," Brown said.

Kicker Carona looks for strong finish after up-and-down Tech career | Red Raiders
I said it on Tuesday, I'm happy that K Donnie Carona has turned his career around.  I think that a lot of fans thought he'd never be able to connect on a field goal, but he's been consistent this year (12 of 16 with two of those misses being blocked and not his fault).

Red Raiders football notebook: Two juniors ending career | Red Raiders
RB Harrison Jeffers and LB Tanner Foster will end their careers at Texas Tech.  Jeffers apparently has a bad back and will have to give up the game, while Foster already has a job that he's about to start (congrats!).  They'll both be honored on Saturday with the seniors.

In bad news, IR Austin Zouzalik is out for Saturday's game.  Terrific.

Tech can spoil both Oklahoma, OSU title runs | FoxSports Southwest and Tech seeks to take down another national title contender from Oklahoma - The Daily Toreador: Sports
Similar articles with a similar theme, although I think an upset is highly unlikely.

Snyder 'Wards' off Graham " Abilene Reporter-News
If you haven't been keeping up with Texas Tech commit ATH Kennan Ward and what he's done at Snyder this year, well, he's been a one-man show and continued that last night. 

Wade wants big finale at home | Portland Tribune
Someone had asked earlier in the week about DT Myles Wade and whatever happened to him.  This article says that he moved back to the Portland area to be closer to his dad, but I also think there were some issues with the current staff, for whatever reason.  I wish he was graduating from Texas Tech as I was proud of what he had overcome (and still am).

Perseverance Leads James Into Leadership Role - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site
I was going to not post this, but I feel bad for the author of this post, Britton Down, who has been writing for the official site all year.  He does a good job, but the reason I don't post his articles normally is because I'm looking for information and the stories are usually a day or two behind, as was his story on Adam James.  I also know that there's an editorial in the DT about how we need to move on, and I'm not posting it because it goes against my philosophy on this site.  Anyway, the reason I feel bad for Down is because there's no way that this article can be painted than anything other than what it is.