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Texas Tech Football | Monday's Presser

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I don't have much time this morning, so I'm just posting some selected quotes from yesterday's press conference.  You can find the transcript to the press conference here (PDF) and would encourage you to read the whole thing as there are definitely some interesting comments.  As far as today's assignment is concerned, would love for you all to pull your favorite or most interesting quotes from yesterday's press conference and post them in the comments.

Head coach Tommy Tuberville on the win:

We made a lot of strides. Proud of the team. The effort was just phenomenal, but it's been that way all year long. The great thing about this game is we went on the road. We played great defense early, and the offense took advantage early, and we scored points. That's what you have to do when you go on the road.

Tuberville's players of the game and week:

Special teams player was Donnie Carona, 5 for 5 and a couple of field goals. Defensive player of the game whose birthday was also yesterday, we congratulated him for that. And probably one of the most improved guys I've seen, Daniel Cobb was all over the field making plays. He gives us a little more athletic ability in terms of playing teams that run the short passing game. Of course, offensive player of the game, everybody's offensive player of the game nationally and in our conference, Seth Doege, who you can't say enough about him. Just watching him play, he gets better and better.

Tuberville on the injury update:

We were excited about being back and going. Injury-wise, Darrin Moore just couldn't go 100%. That is the reason he didn't get much playing time. Blake Dees should be back. Donald Langley should be back, but we'll have to wait. There's no way to predict how well ankles or knees are going to get in a short period of time. We'll go back to work tomorrow and get ready for the Cyclones.

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Tuberville on winning and building a program:

But we know how to win a few games, and we know how to build a program, so we're doing it slowly. We're not even close to being where we want to be. We'll get better as we go. We'll be better next year. Most these kids are back. But we'll talk about the present this week coming up. We've got Iowa State, and we want to play better this week than we played last week, and we need everybody on board on the same page, win, lose or draw. We're going to have some ups and downs.

Tuberville on OC Neal Brown calling the game:

So it all goes into a plan of how Neal Brown and his coaches worked the game plan. I thought we were going to throw it deep and, but we knew we were going to have to take our shots and receivers got open. Seth put it in there, and we got good protection. Then you've got to make the catch. It was a thing of beauty.

Tuberville on LB Daniel Cobb learning that it's about physical talent and doing the little things to get better:

There are a lot of little things. You just don't go out there with ability and run the ball. You've got to understand splits and wide receivers, he's starting to learn a little bit of that. But when you're young like these guys, you don't have to put in as much time. When you don't, you don't play. There have been games that he's played very little. He might have the most athletic ability of any linebacker we've got. He's not going to go out there. Unless he knows what to do, I'm not going to play him. It's just a learning experience for all of them, and it's got to be a lot of film study and learning what to do. Got to buy into what we're doing. You get that feeling that they had after the game the other night, they'll make you want to work a little bit harder to regain that feeling that you had about -- what was it, about 12:30, 1:00 o'clock Sunday morning.

On winning a big game at Oklahoma and getting ready for Iowa St.:

We can talk about it. It's got to be engrained, players have to understand it. They've got to understand themselves of what they're getting into. Because now they've moved to a level where this team's coming in saying we've got to play perfect to beat a team that just beat one of the top ranked teams in the country. As coaches, we just want to get them prepared, get them in the same routine that we're in, and hopefully they get that focus, because it's about players really getting other players focused. Coaches can't do it. We'll talk our head off about it, but one thing I want our players to do is understand themselves, because in the future they're going to have to keep doing the same thing. So the more they do it within themselves, the better football team we're going to have in the next few years, and hopefully that will become an every-week occurrence of winning games. When you win, it will be a big deal, but not as big a surprise. We now have taken another step forward in our learning process, and hopefully we can learn from it and make ourselves better.