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Texas Tech Red Raiders 41, Oklahoma Sooners 38 | Animated Drive Chart

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I have some errands to run this morning, so I probably won't get up any post game thoughts until sometime later today. With that being said, what was the offensive and defensive play that sticks out in your mind as well as your one (not multiple) offensive, defensive and special teams MVP's. One other question that I think will create some conversation, Tuberville explains part of the reason why he was going for broke (which I had no problem with his calls, even though they didn't work) on fourth down:

"We came in and played loose," Tuberville said. "I told them when we got on the bus to go to the airport, 'No matter what happens this is going to be a fun game.' I told them we are going to fake a punt, we are going to do something to try to win this game.'"

Tuberville lived up to those words as the Red Raiders went for it twice on fourth down in the red zone, converting one of those attempts for a touchdown, in addition to the fake punt call.

"If I look back on it I wouldn't do it again," Tuberville said of the failed fake punt. "But I think they appreciated, 'Hey, coach is trying to win this game. He actually thinks we are going to win this game, let's keep it going.' Sometimes you don't make it but it gets your players fired up."

In his second season at Texas Tech, Tuberville set the tone for the game early in the second quarter with the game tied at 7. One play after his team was stuffed for no gain on third and goal at the OU 1-yard line, Tuberville went for it on fourth down and the Red Raiders converted with a touchdown run from quarterback Seth Doege.

"We want to have their backs when they make a call like that," receiver Alex Torres said. "Because they trust in us. When our coaches trust us that much, we want to repay them." Do you like this sort of rational?


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