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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-10-22

Hello, "internet at home".  You're so sexy and I missed you so much.  Now that you're back, I never want you to leave.  I know, that sounds awfully possessive, but you're just so sexy and I love you so much.

Consider this your open thread for the morning.  If I'm around during the afternoon, I'll throw up an afternoon thread.  This is your important television viewing link of the day:

Week 8 College Football Schedule, Odds: Wisconsin, Stanford, LSU Face Tests

Sooner Nation Replay: Talking Texas Tech, BCS Contenders, And The Hurry Up - Crimson And Cream Machine
Llisten to me be horribly pessimistic about Texas Tech winning in Norman.  Thanks again to the folks at CACM for having me on the SoonerNation podcast.

Raiders face tough task at OU | Red Raiders and Texas Tech and Oklahoma depth charts | Red Raiders
Nothing you haven't already read, but linking just in case you haven't.

Texas Tech challenges OU bid for 40th straight home win | Big 12 | Sports News and Videos on ... and Texas Tech fans shouldn't blame kicker, quarterback for losses, Tuberville says | Big 12 | Sp...
Two stories from DTN favorite FWST's Dwain Price, who I think has moved up the food chain and mainly covers the Dallas Cowboys.

Best Case, Worst Case: Texas Tech Red Raiders | Blatant Homerism
Good folks over Blatant Homerism (an OU blog) take a look at the best and worst case from an OU perspective.

Jamell Fleming out indefinitely with knee injury - Crimson And Cream Machine
This is good news, not that Fleming is injured, but that Texas Tech won't have to face one of the top cornerbacks in the conference. 

Cooper knocks off OHS | cooper, contest, program - FOOTBALL -
Texas Tech commit QB Clayton Nicholas had a good night last night:

Nicholas was 20-of-29 passing for 316 and three touchdowns, with one interceptions.

Darvin Ham Expected to Join Lakers Coaching Staff - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
Congrats to Darvin!