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Keys to the Game: Texas Tech vs Oklahoma

Make no mistakes.

Say what you want about Texas and fish bait U.  For me, the one school that I want to beat every year more than any other is OU.  Don't like the school, the coach, haven't met any alumni that I care to spend any time around, and above all I HATE the fight song.  If there is any trickery left in the bag, don't save it for Halloween, bring it out tomorrow night in Norman. 

The Sooners treated Texas like a red-headed step child, and now have 2 thoughts: doing the same to OSU and getting to the BCS title game.  They currently have the longest home win streak in the nation (35 games) and have only lost 2 home games since Bob Stoops became the head coach.  It sucks playing in Norman.  Especially two years in a row.  And in case you haven't heard, they are pretty good this year. For Texas Tech to come away with a win, we need to see some risks taken and no mistakes.

Landry Jones will play on Sundays and could out perform his predecessor.  He does it behind a monster o-line, that has only allowed 3 sacks on the year and that also does a darn good job of opening up running lanes for Dominique Whaley.  Look for Whaley to get 20+ touches, and don't be surprised if has a 100 yard day rushing...before the start of the 4th quarter if things go Oklahoma's way.

On the defensive side of the ball, OU is 9th in passing efficiency defense (22nd in yds/att) and 28th in yds/carry rushing. And they give up less than 16 points a game.  So yes, they are pretty good on defense, too.  Watch out for DE Frank Alexander.  He is a sack machine, does a good job of getting his hands in the air and tipping the ball, and has an INT to his credit.

The Red Raiders are pretty close to matching pace with the Sooners on offense in terms of total offenses and scoring offense.  I won't go into the depressing defensive statisitics for Tech, but I will poin tout that Glasgow knows how to beat OU in Norman, as TCU was the last team to do so.  But ultimately for Tech to stay in this ball game, they are going to need to play mistake free. Tech needs someone to step up their game on offense.  Get Marquez involved and see if he can make a play.  Ward needs to break one as well.  Crawford has led us against OU before, let's see if he can do it again. 

Aside from this, here this week's keys to the game for Texas Tech.

Key #1: Make something happen.

To get a win, the Tech defense is going to have to take some risks and attempt to force something to happen.  OU has turned the ball over 11 times this year.  Tech has to take advantage of this and rob OU of a couple of possessions.  Jump a route, put a hat on the ball.  A short field and preventing OU from building momentum would be huge.  I would rather have OU score because we took a chance and it didn't work out than to let them march up and down the field on us all day.

Key #2: No bad possessions.

Tech doesn't have to score every time they get the ball (though it would be nice).  What we can't have are bad possessions, which I define as one ending in a turnover or a series of less than 7 plays.  NASCAR has some advantages in that it helps the offense establish rhythm while limiting defensive substitutions and adjustments.  On the flip side, 3 and out can happen twice as fast.  The defense is going to be tested as it is.  Don't make them play 40 minutes or leave them with their backs against the goal post.

Key #3: No turnovers.

A repeat of last weeks performance against KSU is unacceptable.  Throws to the flat are going to get lit up and/or picked off against this defense. They are not the safe throw.  OU will sit off the ball trying to bait Doege into this read pre-snap, and then close hard.  Vertical routes, quick slants, shuffle passes, tunnel screens.  Anything towards the middle of the field and not over Alexander.  A tipped ball is an INT. 


Wreck 'em!