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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-10-20

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Freaky Fast: Speedy offenses square off in Norman | Red Raiders
Discussion about the speed of these two offenses and Oklahoma DB Gabe Lynn thinks the Red Raiders may play even faster than the Sooners:

"They’re actually faster (than us), I think," defensive back Gabe Lynn said. "We definitely have to be in shape in order to keep up with them. ... They throw the ball well, so our secondary is going to have to blow up and defensive line is going to have to rush. We’ll just have to come all together to stop their offense."

Red Raiders football notebook: On the spot | Red Raiders and Notebook: Tuberville talks o-line, injury updates - The Daily Toreador: Sports
In the LAJ article, head coach Tommy Tuberville talks about the right tackle position and Mickey Okafor and Terry McDaniel:

"We’d like somebody to stand out," Tuberville said. "Terry’s played good at times and not so good at times, but so has Mickey. Mickey getting hurt was a setback. You’d like to have some stability there, knowing ‘This guy’s a first-teamer,’ but we end up a practice, and both those guys are about the same."

About playing in Norman, and Tuberville says that it's tougher to play in Norman than in Death Valley. 

In the DT article, there's an injury update (there is also one the LAJ, but I'm trying to spread the wealth) in regards to CB Derrick Mays, RB Ben McRoy and WR Darrin Moore:

"They’re still limited," Tuberville said referring to Mays, McRoy and Moore. "You better have your horses out there in a game like this because there’s not a position that they have, you know, (where) they don’t have speed that can make a difference."

So much more after the jump its insane, including more football links, men's basketball, Lady Raider basketball and Lady Raider volleyball.

First Look: The Texas Tech Red Raiders - Crimson And Cream Machine
CACM takes a look at the Red Raiders.

OU football notebook: Ryan Broyles' record-setting gloves saved from garbage |
In my opinion, WR Ryan Broyles may be the least talked about, but most productive receiver in all of college football.  What he does on the field is spectacular. College Football - Week 8 preview in the Big 12
The Rivals preview of week 8 in the Big 12 and writes that the best matchup is between OU QB Landry Jones and QB Seth Doege:

BEST MATCHUP: Oklahoma QB Landry Jones vs. Texas Tech QB Seth Doege. They obviously won't actually face each other, but they offer the potential for a high-scoring contest. Oklahoma averages 373.5 yards per game to rank fifth in the nation in pass offense. Texas Tech averages 372.3 to rank sixth. Jones is third in the nation in passing yards per game. He has passed for at least 363 yards in each of the past four games. Doege is ranked fourth in the nation and has thrown for at least 366 yards in each of the past three games.

CB Roberson is seventh Gator arrested this year -
Remember when Texas Tech had a commitment from Florida prep player, CB Marcus Roberson?  Well, he's started all 7 games for the Florida Gators, but he was also arrested and charged with underage alcohol possession.  #

Red Raider Basketball Press Conference Transcript - Texas Tech Red Raiders Official Athletic Site
Here's the transcript from yesterday's press conference.  Lots of good quotes here, but I liked this one from head coach Billy Gillispie:

On who will start the first exhibition game
"You can ask them (the players), they may have more of a thought than I do but I promise they aren’t right but you can ask them. I don’t know. The thing here is whoever earns it gets it. Nobody is entitled here. I think that point has been made and I think it has been received very well. If you work hard enough and you play the right way, we are going to play hard, play smart, play together, if you do those kind of things then you are going to get the opportunity to play. If you don’t, you’re not. It doesn’t matter what your status is or you’re so called standing. I think that is they way to be fair to all your players and that has always been to be really good in recruiting, if you earn it you get. I think that sounds like what every coach says, I don’t thing every coach really adheres to that but these guys know. Jaye (Crockett) was working with a different group than he wanted to be working with the other day, and he said, "Coach can I get my spot back?" That is a great question that I like to hear because I know that number one, he wants to and also I know that we will work hard enough to get it back. So I have no idea who will be the ones who trot out there when we first tip it up on that exhibition game."

One thing for sure: Tech men will be in shape | Red Raiders
The LAJ has a new beat writer for the men's basketball team, Nick Kosmider.  Welcome to the fold Nick!  PF Robert Lewandowski talks about losing 30 pounds (this is good!) and the tough physical style Gillispie wants to play:

For starters, Gillispie has overhauled the team’s conditioning program. It began in the summer, when forward Robert Lewandowski dropped 30 pounds, then added seven pounds of muscle.

"If you would have told me five, six months ago that we would do the conditioning we’ve done, I would have told you that you were crazy," said Lewandowski, the team’s lone senior.

In addition to being highly conditioned, Gillispie wants his team’s to be among the most physical. If the black-and-purple battle wounds on Lewandoski’s arms are any indication, the players are getting the message.

"As many bruises as I have, I think I’ve inflicted that many bruises on other guys," the senior said with a laugh.

Billy Gillispie hopes return to Texas restarts hoops career –
Some national recognition of Gillispie at Texas Tech and at the end he talks about the whole Ponzi Scheme investment thing with David Salinas, who committed suicide.  I'm glad that story seems to no longer be a story.

Curry: Lady Raiders ready to compete for Big 12 title | Red Raiders
The Big 12 Media days for the ladies was yesterday and head coach Kristy Curry thinks the Lady Raiders can compete for a Big 12 title:

"I feel like we can compete for a Big 12 title," the Texas Tech women’s basketball coach said during Big 12 Conference Media Day on Wednesday at the Sprint Center. "We feel we’re, obviously, in that underdog role, (but) we feel we can take the next steps forward and compete for the Final Four."

Big 12 women's basketball notebook: No more A&M-Baylor games | Red Raiders
Nice notebook of the media days events, complete with a picture of Baylor's Brittney Griner.

Dowdy leaving strong legacy for rebuilding Tech volleyball | Red Raiders
Not so good in conference play thus far, but this program, under the direction of Don Flora, has come a long ways since last year.