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Texas Tech Red Raiders Football | First Half MVP's

This is a cheap way to get up some content on DTN and there is no better content that you all thinking things through in the comments. Since it is the middle part of the season and because I've seen other blogs do the same thing, I thought I'd mimic them (finest form of flattery) and ask you who the mid-season MVP's are for Texas Tech.

OFFENSIVE MVP | QB SETH DOEGE | I think this one is fairly simple and relatively easy, without Doege's steady arm at the helm during what turned out to be games that were all too close against Nevada and Kansas, I think he was a huge, and maybe the biggest, reason why Texas Tech won both of those games. Doege's faultered a bit this past week and the week before, but he's still having a solid season, completing 70% of his passes with 18 touchdowns and 4 interceptions, all the while he's the #4 passing leader (in total yards) in the country. If I had to pick some players that would be candidates other than Doege, I don't think that you could go wrong with RB Eric Stephens and WR Eric Ward.

DEFENSIVE MVP | DT KERRY HYDER | I had a tough time trying to figure out who this should be and this naturally makes sense considering the overall lack of success of this defense (82nd overall, 111th in rush defense and 20th in pass defense). You could certainly make the case that maybe D.J. JOhnson (some big plays against Kansas), WS Cody Davis (2nd on the team in tackles with 7.40), or even freshman surprise LB Blake Dees (3rd on the team with 5.00 tackles per game, 4.0 TFL and 2 force fumbles). But it was Hyder who I think was the MVP of two different games that I watched thus far and although the rush defense is abysmal, I've still been impressed with Hyder's ability to have an impact on the game, but isn't showing up on the boxscore. I love the fact that he's a sophomore, so there's something to build here with Hyder.

SPECIAL TEAMS MVP | RB BEN MCROY | I was going to go with a bunch of question marks, or even if you had asked me two weeks ago, I would have thought about K Donnie Carona, but having two kicks blocked (I understand that they may not have been entirely his fault) or the general lack of performance of the special teams, I thought it would be in appropriate to consider someone for a special teams MVP, but McRoy earned it and he's been electric on kickoff returns, when he's been healthy. And it shouldn't surprise you that McRoy is 19th in the nation at a 27.95 yards per return average, which is considerably higher than anything that Stephens had done previously, or Jamar Wall or Edward Britton for that matter.

As an aside, I'm praying that no one correlates the fact that Fitsum is now 0-2 as a child of Seth C.  Please, ignore that last sentence.

Anyway, I've given you my MVP's would love to hear who you think are the team MVP's in the comments.