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Links but no DTN Daily Diatribe


Editors Note:  This is not the usual DTN Daily Diatribe that Seth would put together but I hope it covers some of the void.  I hope all is well with Seth and his wife.

The good news: 

The Tech Soccer team beat UT 3-2

 The Men's Basketball team started practices

If you ever wanted to play basketball for Tech, there is going to be an Open Tryout


Football after the jump

First up on football, the AJ'S Post-game Articles and the press conference video

Also from the AJ, David Just, discusses the chances for bowl eligibility.

The post-game article from the Daily Toreador

"What disappoints me is the few things on special teams that keep haunting us," Tuberville said. "(Making) those two field goals instead of getting them blocked, you know, or (failing to) tackle the guy on the kickoff return (were) just little things that absolutely killed us."

"We're not young anymore," Tuberville said. "We don't talk about that. We've got guys that have played in five or six games now and it's time to grow up.

"It's time to grow up and do what you need to do to win games."

  An analysis of the BCS standings in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

 9 things and 1 crazy prediction for this week from Kirk Bohls at the Austin American-Statesman

3. I applaud Arizona AD Greg Byrne for firing football coach Mike Stoops at midseason, so he doesn't have to lie to the media and fans and sneak around behind his coach's back in a search for a replacement.

7. Wes Welker and Texas A&M's Ryan Swope are the same guy. Tough, compact, great hands, fast.