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But Mama, that's where the fun is...



Friday afternoon we hit the road on our way to where the fun is.  Little did we know that seeing this sunset outside of Sweetwater would be the best part of the weekend.  We drove up to Lubbock to watch a game, but instead we were treated to a series of record breaking field goal attempts.  

I was glad to see some intensity return to the stadium (and tailgates) and really liked seeing Tuberville show some emotion on the sidelines.  But we need that emotion in decision making as well.  We've got to take some chances and I hope Tuberville lets that sink in.

On another note, after months of intense negotiations*, Seth finally agreed to allow me to post stories on the front page.

I came in with a lot of ideas, but you'll see the list of concessions I had to make after the jump.  He's a damn good attorney.

*Intense Negotiations=me begging and pleading and sending him some cash and a ham.

Concession #1.  I will not try and sell furniture or shoes on DTN.  This is not Craig's SARR List.

2.  I will not post videos of myself in an attempt to land a gig on a Tele Novela.

3.  No shout-outs to my mom & them.

4.  I am not allowed to solicit endorsement deals and no one is allowed to sponsor me, even if I get your company logo tattooed on my neck or lower back.  I really, really wish I knew this was frowned upon sooner.



But, the good news is I know a guy that says he can make my Wal*Mart tat into a dragon or maybe even an awesome castle with bats flyin' out the windows.

And finally, concession #5.  Under no circumstances am I allowed to enroll DTN in the Columbia House CD club.  Even if getting 14 CDs for a penny is like the best deal ever, I'm not allowed to do it.  Even if I have years of experience in getting FOURTEEN CD's for only a penny which equals out to 1/14 of ONE PENNY to replace that Warrant CD I lost in 1989 or my Skid Row CD that my stupid girlfriend scratched up when I was in high school.  Some people just can't see that Columbia House is the best bargain in America, but whatever.  I'm not allowed to enroll DTN in the most cost efficient opportunity around.  I guess "good credit" is more important to some people.  Give me a stack of CDs, a five year contract, and an impossible series of steps and cancellation procedures any day.  I CAN GET US FOURTEEN CDS FOR A PENNY!  14!

So with those concessions weighing heavily on my mind, I tried my best to focus.  Luckily I got to spend the weekend in Red Raider country. Although the game didn't end well it was great to get back to Lubbock.  Got to see a West Texas sunset and had a blast showing off my new Wal*Mart tattoo to anyone that wanted to see it.

I'm also looking forward to occasionally posting on the front page and living in a world with fewer field goals and punts.  

Because that's where the fun is.