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Preview | Baylor Bears vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

(10-3, 0-0)

Date | January 8, 2011
Time | 1:05 pm CST
Good Guys | Texas Tech Red Raiders
Bad Guys | Baylor Bears
Location | United Spirit Arena | Lubbock, TX
Radio | Affiliates
GAME CAST | Fox Sports

(8-7, 0-0)


Position Player Ht/Wt Class Pts Rbs Ast
G David Tairu 6-3/177 SR 10.3 2.4 0.9
G Brad Reese 6-6/195 SR 13.3 5.3 1.6
F Mike Singletary 6-5/235 SR 13.8 5.9 3.1
F D`walyn Roberts 6-7/200 SR 4.7 4.4 0.9
F Paul Cooper 6-8/235 JR 4.0 1.9 0.2
Position Player Ht/Wt Class Pts Rbs Ast
G A.J. Walton 6-1/185 SO 9.4 3.7 5.6
G LaceDarius Dunn 6-4/200 SR 23.4 4.7 2.4
F Quincy Acy 6-7/225 JR 14.4 8.1 0.6
F Anthony Jones 6-10/190 JR 7.8 5.8 1.1
F Perry Jones III 6-11/235 FR 11.8 7.5 1.4



WHAT TO EXPECT | Baylor's pretty good, but maybe that's what happens when you allow players from your program to allegedly hit your girlfriend and be suspended for 3 whole games, while at Texas Tech, one, possibly a coach, apparently loses their job. KenPom has Baylor as an excellent defensive team, #26 defensive adjusted efficiency and that's what's going to win games in the Big 12. Surprisingly, a lot of Baylor folks aren't real happy with their 3 losses as these 3 teams were most likely their toughest 3 opponents: Gonzaga, Washington St. and Florida St. You could argue that Arizona St. is the Bears' best win, but other than that, there's not a lot to like about what Baylor has done thus far.

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KEY MATCHUPS | Dear Baby Jesus . . . please do not let any of the Texas Tech frontcourt players foul out, including, but not limited to Roberts, Cooper and Lewandowski. I'm really not looking forward to seeing a frontcourt of a couple of post players that are 6-10 and Jones is one of those high school All-Americans that I've heard about, but so rarely get to see play at Texas Tech. Cooper is about to know what it's like to play against a guy that's projected the #1 pick in next year's NBA Draft. Dunn is obviously the guy that's going to cause some problems defensively for Texas Tech. I'm sure that Reese will get the call on Dunn, but I'd love to see Pat Knight run 3 of 4 different players at Dunn and pester him all game long.

FOUR FACTORS | Have to watch for the rebounding disadvantage and Baylor shooting more free throws.

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