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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe | 2011-01-21

Pat Green Promo:  I ran across this YouTube promo from country music's Pat Green where he talks about how much he appreciates Texas Tech.   Then, in the "suggestions" sidebar, I noticed the following video of Twitter friend of DTN, @BigPhilJ that might be just as awesome as Pat Green promoting your university:


Damn!  Those moves are syrupy sweet.  And remember folks, if BigPhilJ follows DTN on Twitter, you should too (@doubletnation).  And to clarify, I do not post about what I'm eating for lunch nor do I tweet like Florida safety Will Hill.

Texas Tech Hires Defensive Coordinator:  News of this should actually start with CBS 11's sports anchor Bill Jones, who tweeted this:

wondering if TCU safeties coach Chad Glasgow might be in mix for Texas Tech defensive coordinator - 10y at TCU - produced some safetiesless than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Turns out, that Jones was ahead of this story, which isn't a surprise as Jones has been in the market a long time and knows a lot of folks. LAJ's Don Williams did confirm Chad Glasgow (and I should be careful that there's only one "L" in Glasgow) would be named as Texas Tech defensive coordinator to replace James Wills.

I'm optimistic (surprise!) about TCU's defensive backs coach Chad Glasgow (TCU biography) and as we talked about after the Northwestern game, it was evident, at least to me, that the defense had somewhat morphed into a 4-2-5 defense and now Texas Tech has a guy that's run the 4-2-5 defense for the past 10 years while at TCU.  And for those of you looking for experience, Glasgow has been coaching since 1995 which is a good 15 years and the defensive backs coach for TCU for the past decade.  He also satisfies those that want a young coaching staff as he graduated from Oklahoma State in 1995.  And although he works for ESPN, Bruce Feldman does like the hire and Feldman is pretty well connected in the college football world. 

Speaking of Wills:  This is somewhat uncomfortable, but it should be noted that KCBD Channel 11 in Lubbock did an open records request on Texas Tech on former Texas Tech defensive coordinator James Willis and his domestic violence case.  And head coach Tommy Tuberville did sign a one sentence memorandum which stated as follows:

"Coach James Willis has been dismissed from Texas Tech and removed from all coaching duties and responsibilities as of 12/25/2010."

The domestic violence occurred on December 22, 2010.  Willis also turned himself into police on January 5, 2011 and apparently immediately posts bond.  So it appears that Tuberville didn't go into why Willis was fired, although publicly, he did say that Willis was going to pursue other career opportunities.  I don't think we need to continue to re-hash the why, it's pretty obvious now as to the why.  I'm ready to let this story go, but I appreciate KCBD getting the open records request.

The Truth Behind TCU in 2011:'s Robert Giovannetti writes that the reason why there was no game against TCU in 2011 is because there was no contract.  I'll let Giovannetti explain:

Horn reported that TCU was "less hungry to play Texas Tech" after ESPN arranged a season-opening matchup with Oregon State at Cowboys Stadium and, as a result, the network "helped move" Tennessee Tech onto the Horned Frogs' schedule in place of Texas Tech.

What is not reported in that article, however, is that when that change was made in 2010, it voided the scheduling contract between Tech and TCU. Yes, the game in Fort Worth remained on the 2011 schedule, but there was no contract in place to ensure a return trip by TCU. Also, the voided contract stated that the 2011 game would be played at Amon G. Carter Stadium, which is not really an option because of ongoing construction. In essence, the game remained on the slate but there was no contractual obligation on either side to play it. Tech knew this and acknowledged as much when we spoke with athletic director Gerald Myers in the fall.

Tech has actually reached out to TCU to work on a new contract, a home and home, to be scheduled for a couple of years down the road, but those overtures have so far been met with no response.

The bottom line is that it doesn't make sense for Tech to play a road game against a non-conference opponent -- any non-conference opponent -- without a contract in place to oblige them to return the favor.

This makes sense.  When TCU needed to move the game that was scheduled in 2010, I guess it essentially terminated the contract Texas Tech traveling to Ft. Worth in 2011 and if TCU wasn't willing to go home-and-home, then I'm okay with Texas Tech backing out.

Early Conference Games:  I don't have time to get to this article from LAJ's Don Williams on Texas Tech considering the possibility of another early conference game in the Big 12-2.  Enjoy. 

Up Next | Nebraska Cornhuskers
When | Saturday, January 22, 2011 @ 6:30 p.m.
Where | United Spirit Arena | Lubbok, TX

Overcoming 0-4: DT's Tommy Magelssen writes that the men are hoping to avoid a 0-5 start to Big 12 play and head coach Pat Knight says this team won't quit:

"The only way these guys are going to quit is death, that’s the only way I’m going to quit is death, and so people can keep on trying to be negative, but that’s just part of it," Knight said. "I mean, these guys are going to keep fighting to the end. Say we lose all the rest of them—we’re still going to try to win that last one."

Seth C Picks Games with Big 12 Hoops:  That's right, I picked this week's slate of games with Big 12 Hoops and now I have to try to beat BON's Peter Bean who went 11-2 as last weeks' guest predictor.  No pressure.