Tuberville Offered One Year Contract Extension

According to the Texas Tech Athletics office, Coach Tommy Tuberville has been offered (and accepted) a one year contract extension, through 2015. The deal also includes an annual compensation increase from $1.5M to $2M.

While I know there are some who will disagree with this, it tells me that officials in Lubbock see the program continuing to move in the right direction. Season tickets were still sold at a record number, attendance increased (overall), we won 8 games, won a bowl game, and Coach Tuberville is working his magic on the recruiting trails. And, Coach Tuberville was one of the lowest paid coaches in the Big 10, Big 12.

Let's pull together and support the man who will be leading our Red Raiders into the next era of Texas Tech football. We have a young and exciting program that is destined to get better. As a fan base, it does us no good by splintering our support, especially rooting for this team's failure.

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