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Five Questions | Gearing Up for Texas Tech's Matchup with the New Mexico Lobos


Decided to change things up a bit since my reasons for concern and optimism started to sound too much like keys to the game.  Would rather have your opinions rather than repeating my own.

1. What's your biggest concern heading into the New Mexico game? I tend to say this at least once a year about Texas Tech, but I'll say it about New Mexico: A team is never as bad as their worst loss and a team is never as good as their best win. I think it's safe to say last week was the Lobos' worst loss. There is a very good chance that New Mexico won't be that bad this week.  So what's bothering you heading into Saturday?

2. If WR Alexander Torres and IR Austin Zouzalik return on Saturday, what do you think their return means for the team? Also, how much do you think the offense missed these two on Sunday against SMU (i.e., you don't know what you got until it's gone)?

New Mexico Week
MONDAY SMU Post Game Thoughts
TUESDAY What We Think We Know
WEDNESDAY Keys to the Game
THURSDAY Five Questions
FRIDAY Prediction Time

3. What do you feel best about going into the New Mexico game?

4. I really thought the highlight of the SMU game was the defensive backs. Which of the young defensive backs impressed you the most (CB Will Ford, CB Tre' Porter, CB D.J. Johnson, S Cody Davis, etc.)?

5. There's been a lot of talk about how the special teams performed on Sunday. Here's the positive: Jonathan LaCour averaged 48.25 yards a punt, which is best in the Big 12; KR Eric Stephens averaged over 24 yards a kick return, which is close to last year's numbers; and the punt return unit allowed only 5 yards a return. However, the most glaring weakness on Sunday was the fact that Texas Tech allowed over 39 yards a kickoff return. Sure, those numbers will be skewed a bit because of the 92 yard return, but SMU returner Darryl Fields had a 21, 24, 20 and 92 yard return. Absolutely, the 92 yard return is what's sticking out here. From what I remember about that 92 yard return, I think the coverage ran themselves out of the play a bit and Fields got through the initial line of defenders pretty quickly. You would think that sort of thing is correctable. We'll see, and I'm optimistic that this is the exception rather than the status quo. One more negative is the kicking game, which has seemingly been pretty rough for a number of years. Quite simply, there just isn't going to be any lengthy field goal attempts by this team. Just not going to happen. Would you be okay with only allowing K Matt Williams to try a field goal inside of 35, but other than that, it's just not an option? What's your limit?