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What We Think We Know | New Mexico Lobos

Stats Schedule
OFFENSE 9/4 @ Oregon | L, 0-72
Rushing | 25 (107) 9/11 Texas Tech
Passing | 82.00 (106) 9/18 Utah
Total | 107.00 (111) 9/24 @ UNLV
Scoring | 0.00 (111) 10/2 UTEP
10/9 @ New Mexico St.
DEFENSE 10/23 San Diego
Rushing | 369.00 (111) 10/30 @ Colorado St.
Passing | 351.00 (100) 11/6 Wyoming
Total | 720.00 (111) 11/13 @ Air Force
Scoring | 72.00 (107) 11/20 @ BYU
TO Margin | N/A 11/27 TCU

WHAT WE KNOW | I'm not really sure what to write or what to think here. Honestly, after New Mexico being embarrassed in Autzen, Oregon by the Oregon Ducks 72-0, I'm surprised that Mike Locksley still has a job. Take a look at the boxcore. That's failure on just about every level. And to clarify, the official NCAA stat website was acting a little funny so I had to improvise and use Yahoo! Sports stats for the stats on the right. Not all precincts had reported their stats (or something), but I can assure you that New Mexico's performance on Saturday helped rank them as one of the worst performers on Saturday, on both offense and defense. I'm going to run down the ineptitude, but let's start with the defense. The Lobos gave up 369 yards on 58 attempts for a 6.3 yard per attempt average. New Mexico then permitted the Ducks to complete 62% of their passes for 9.4 yards per attempt. To say that Oregon was incredibly efficient would be an understatement.

The New Mexico offense was equally bad. The Lobos had 25 rushing attempts for 52 yards. I don't think I need to do the math here, but that's about 2 yards a carry. The Lobo passing game managed only 82 yards for the game and for the game, the New Mexico quarterbacks completed only 44% of their passes.

An animated drive-chart, what we can expect and players I think you should watch, all after the jump.

Sometimes a drive-chart can explain a way some things, but an animated drive-chart makes this seem incomprehensible. Enjoy.



WHAT WE CAN EXPECT | New Mexico can't be that bad two weeks in a row, right? I'm willing to admit that these players have pride and no one, and I mean no one, wants to lose that bad. On Monday, head coach Mike Locksley said that it's unfair to judge the Lobos based on that one game:

"To those who want to judge us based on one week, I think is wrong," Locksley said Sunday. "It is a long season. There is a lot of football left to be played. To say can we get everything fixed in one week ... well, those type of questions will be answered to all those who have doubts."


"For me it's the worst I've ever been a part of," Locksley said. "I was more shocked than surprised. The last thing that comes to a team that's inexperienced is consistency. That's why I really believe that what you saw yesterday isn't indicative of the type of team we have."

Being at home, I think the Lobos will play better, and I'm already gearing up for the thought that Texas Tech doesn't beat New Mexico "bad enough".

PLAYERS I THINK YOU SHOULD WATCH | I'm not sure who to pick here. Because I've got nothing, I'll go with QB B.R. Holbrook, who should have a better game. I'm guessing that the coaching staff (and I think that Locksley is an offensive coordinator by trade) does everything humanly possible to keep things easy for Holbrook.

Not a lot of players stepped up their defensive game last week, so I'll just go with the guy that got the most tackles: DB A.J. Butler. Butler finished with 10 tackles and I'm sure that you expect a little bit better analysis, but I'm not real sure what to say. I will make one mention, which is that I think that DE Johnathan Rainey is the one that gave QB Taylor Potts his second concussion last year as Potts' head hit the turf after a Rainey sack. He was only a sophomore last year and he did register a sack last week against Oregon.