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The Art of Polls: Week 1


I'll admit, this week left the situation no clearer, when it comes to putting together a poll. The top 2 stay the same based on preseason hype and how they finished last year. Oregon had the most impressive day of any team, not only winning the points race for the weekend, but also shutting their opponent out. Beyond that, this is pretty much a craps shoot.

The Big XII(?)

You'll notice that aside from Nebraska still holding down the Big XII's spot in the top 10 (think of them as a placeholder), most of the rest of the Big XII is sitting 20-25.  I'll admit, the only reason why I did this is because I have no clue how real any of these teams actually are.  I took the 6 Big XII teams that I thought deserved mentioning, put them at the end of the poll, and ranked them in the order of impressiveness of win.  KSU looked good in their victory over UCLA.  Oklahoma State buried their D1-A opponent.  Missouri finished off their Big Ten rival, though they struggled a bit to do so.  A&M did not struggle but did not impress. Texas struggled against a CUSA foe, but were never in real danger of losing.  Texas Tech struggled against their CUSA foe and was in real danger of losing, though I feel SMU will at least be bowling this winter.  And Oklahoma misses the cut, after struggling with their WAC opponent, facing even more danger.

Poll itself posted after the jump, for space reasons. I think the final poll might be due today, so get your commentary in fast so I can modify it.