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Red Raider Gridiron | Last Post of the Weekend

Weekend Schedule:  I'm leaving for Lubbock early tomorrow morning so you won't get any sort of links on Saturday or Sunday.  If someone wanted to post a FanPost, that would be awesome.  If not, I think we'll be okay.  I've also scheduled two open threads for Saturday, one at 11:00 a.m. and one at 5:00 p.m., just in case anyone wants to comment on Saturday's action.  As far as the SMU vs. Texas Tech game, I've already set the open thread to be published for one hour before kickoff.  I'm driving back on Sunday night and will be furiously writing on Monday morning.

Langley Ready:  This was published on the LAJ yesterday, but I got up too early or the LAJ didn't put it online until after I got to work (and as of publishing this post this morning, there were no new LAJ articles online).  LAJ's Don Williams talks with DT Donald Langley and we learn a little bit about where Langley is going to play (i.e., everywhere):

"His strength is quickness off the ball," Tuberville said. "When you’re learning something, sometimes you don’t play as fast, and that’s what we’re trying to get into now."

Langley could be used up and down the Red Raiders’ defensive line. He said he’s lined up at a 3-technique (over an offensive guard’s outside shoulder), a 9-technique (outside a tight end) and everywhere in between.

"I’m all over the place," he said. "Wherever Coach needs me, that’s where I’m going to be."

He said Tuberville’s defensive coaches have helped him play under control while paying attention to his responsibilities.

"I really feel like they’ve gotten me better at just playing my gaps," he said. "Sometimes I’m real quick at getting out of my gap, but they really taught me to stay sturdy and play into the defense. Playing into the defense comes across as being a team player, not trying to do extra, not trying to do too much. That’s how you mess up the defense."

One more mention about how Tuberville's defense is a one-gap defense and Langley's comments about how he and the rest of the team work each and every gap is incredibly important for the overall defense.  It's good to hear how the defense understands the concept of one-gap play and that if you play as a team, this thing will work.

Injury Update:'s Travis Cram has a mid-Morning Raider and has some information about some of the replacements for injured players.  Here's Cram on replacing IR Austin Zouzalik:

If Zouzalik can’t go, Detron Lewis and Eric Stephens could be the main two guys returning punts on Sunday. Both have practiced with special teams the last two weeks and Stephens will also be the primary kick returner this year.

And Cram on who replaces OL Mickey Okafor:

Junior lineman Blake Emert more than likely becomes the primary backup for Deveric Gallington and Chris Olson on the right side of the line while Terry McDaniel will back up Lonnie Edwards and LaAdrian Waddle on the left side while freshman Beau Carpenter (appendectomy) sits out of the opener.

Both of these sound just about right.

I Think I've Read All of This Before:  I'm pretty sure that much of this is all re-quoted and regurgitated stuff that's been around all week.  I'm linking it just in case you want to waste time at work.  I will say that Mike Graham's work at the DMN with a look preview of the starting lineup is original work and a good review of the starters . . . ESPN's David Ubben writes about Tuberville talking about quarterbacks . . . DMN's Chuck Carlton writes that head coach Tommy Tuberville is not trying to be Mike Leach . . . DT's Jose Rodriguez writes that Texas Tech is about to start the Tuberville era . . .

Predictions:  Rock M Nation's Bill C. has his weekly BTBS Picks and according to the statistics and fancy formulas (we all love stats when they work out in your favor) and Texas Tech is expected to win by 34.3 points on Sunday.  Rob Weintraub and Football Outsiders pick SMU, despite the computers overwhelming Texas Tech win . . . ESPN's David Ubben predicts this week's Big 12 slate . . . FSSW's Brian Smith actually does have bold predictions for the Big 12, including the thought that QB Taylor Potts will start the entire year . . . DMN's Mike Graham predicts a win for Texas Tech . . . DMN's Mike Graham found an article from The Anniston Star's Joe Medley about the spread at Auburn now versus when Tuberville tried to implement it . . . DT's Mike Graham also writes about the new arrivals at Texas Tech will be tested . . .  SMU Mustangs Links:   ESPN Dallas' Richard Durrett writes that the Mustangs hope to keep moving forward (this is a good overall preview of the Mustangs):

"We want to keep moving forward and improving," Jones said. "We said it would take 4 or 5 years to get to a point where we were consistent contenders and I still think that's the case. We have to keep working."

. . . Tortilla Retort's dedfischer takes a look at SMU . . . DMN's Kate Hairopoulos profiles special teams coach Dennis McKnight:

Said McKnight: "Special teams is not for the faint of heart. You have to be a cool, tough guy. There are no 12-play drives on special teams. We have one opportunity. It's critical we have to execute at a high level every time."

. . . ESPN Dallas' Richard Durrett talks with SMU QB Kyle Padron about maturing as a quarterback:

"Seeing those teams like Nevada, Houston, Tulsa really helped," Padron said. "You can never practice game speed. Those games built my confidence. Sometimes I know you can take two steps forward and one step back as you learn, but I'm getting there. I'm playing the game faster, seeing things a lot quicker and the defense is slowing down for me. My presnap reads are easier. I think I'm just understanding the game of football better." Big 12 Links:  This really isn't a Big 12 link, but LAJ's Adam Zuvanich previews the new food at Jones AT&T Stadium . . . KC Star's Blair Kerkoff writes about that the Big 12 should own the Pac-10 in non-conference play. . . Corn Nation's Jon Johnston continues his officiating series with an officials post-snap keys and responsibilities . . . the Big 12's Wendell Barnhouse looks at this week's games . . .