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The Art of Polls: Week 3

Just to reiterate my voting strategy, which I've been following since week 1, I'm voting only for undefeated teams, right now, until I don't have undefeated teams to vote for. My top 4 1-loss teams are Iowa, Miami, Penn State, and Air Force, and I'm guessing that at least one of them will make an appearance next week. After that, it goes by resume, mostly, though I haven't seen any reason to drop Alabama and Ohio State from the top 2. I also build each week from scratch, so that's why you often see teams jump around.

The big XII block sheds a few members and breaks apart a bit more. Florida looks awful in their win, but still manages to do it impressively so they get to move up. Michigan State gets ranked as a reward for beating Notre Dame. Get well soon Mark Dantonio. Stanford could probably stand to be a bit higher and Nevada looked great tearing a new on in Cal.

Poll after the jump to try to not push Seth's 5 questions down the page. Go talk in there.