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Saturday Morning Open Thread

This is you all day open thread. UT vs. TTU open thread starts at 6:00 p.m. After the jump, you've got your television schedule for the day.  Thanks to PB of BON for the table after the jump.

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All times Central

11:00 Arkansas at Georgia
GA -2.5
11:00 Kent St. at Penn St.
PSU -21
11:00 Maryland at West Virginia
WVU -10
11:00 Ohio at Ohio St.
OSU -29
11:00 Iowa St. at Kansas St.
KSU -3.5
2:30 Florida at Tennessee
UF -14
2:30 Alabama at Duke BAMA -24
2:30 Arizona St. at Wisconsin1 WIS -12.5
2:30 Nebraska at Washington1
NEB -3
2:30 Washington St. at SMU
SMU -22.5
2:30 USC at Minnesota
USC -12
2:30 Air Force at Oklahoma
OU -17
3:30 Baylor at TCU
TCU -21.5
6:00 Clemson at Auburn
AUB -7
Mississippi St. at LSU
LSU -7.5
7:00 Notre Dame at Michigan St.2
MSU -3.5
7:00 Texas at Texas Tech2
TX -3
7:00 Boise St. at Wyoming
BSU -23.5
9:30 Iowa at Arizona
9:30 UNLV at Idaho
ID -6.5
9:30 Houston at UCLA
UH -4
10:15 Wake Forest at Stanford
STAN -17.5

1ABC Coverage Map
2 ABC Coverage Map