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Red Raider Gridiron | First Practice In The Books


First Practice in the Books:  Somewhat of a busy day yesterday.  Two players left the team, there was a new commit and of course . . . practice.  The official site has a couple of good things including a updated roster (PDF), photos and some videoo of head coach Tommy Tuberville, RB Baron Batch and QB Taylor Potts.  On a personal note, I really like the video page.  Someone did some good work there.  It's clean and easy to navigate.  Kudos to someone at Texas Tech.  And one other thing, for whatever reason, my computer would never play the video that Batch produced about new strength and conditioning coach Joe Walker.  This new page now lets me watch the video (wooo!) and if you haven't watched that video, you should.  It's worth your time.

Here's Tuberville on the first practice:

"It was a good first practice, said Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville. "There is not a lot you can do when you aren't in shoulder pads but evaluate some of the young guys and put a lot of emphasis on fundamentals. We have a few more days of this before we can move to pads and we will use this time to improve and be ready for the move to pads."

Being Vocal:  LAJ's Don Williams editorializes a bit about the first practice (I always write that I wish Williams would do more of this) and writes that the coaches were very vocal on the first day and he thinks this will continue, while pointing out one of the differences between Tuberville and Leach:

If you want to know how Tech workouts are different this year compared to the last 10, start with that: Before, Mike Leach as much as anyone set the volume level, and it wasn’t rare to hear a profanity-laced tirade.

Tommy Tuberville is almost incognito by comparison, quietly moving from one group to another and soaking it all in.

The loud stuff he leaves to his assistants.

Williams also noted that RB Eric Stephens took some plays at the slot receiver position, Williams thinks that WR Alexander Torres reminds him of Lloyd Hill, a new punt formation, and WR Jacoby Franks was his player of the scrimmage.

Not a Tough Decision:'s Travis Cram files a practice report and Potts talks about how making a quarterback decision is pretty small in the big scheme of things (this is also in the video from Texas Tech):

"The coaches were talking in the office this morning before we started our team meetings," Potts said. "They said, ‘You think you guys have it rough? Trying to decide who will be the starting quarterback this season? We have people in Iraq and overseas dying every day. Those guys have it rough. That’s a tough deal. That’s pressure and a pressure situation.’

"So he kind of put everything in perspective. So I’m just going to come out here and have fun. Obviously I’m going to try my best and try to lead this team. But like he said, it’s not pressure out here at all. So if I put any more pressure on myself, it’s just going to interfere with what I’m doing. It’s a game and I’m going to enjoy it and make it a game. I’m not going to add anything or take anything else away from it."

Cram also had the rundown on who was starting on the offensive side of the ball, and what jumped out to me was the offensive line:

The offensive line will be one of the areas coaches and fans will be pay attention to as the fall practices develop. On Saturday the first team looked as so: LaAdrian Waddle (LT), Lonnie Edwards (LG), Chris Olson (C), Deveric Gallington (RG), Terry McDaniel (RT).

First Day:  [Note by Seth C, 08/08/10 6:07 AM CDT ]  Just as I hit publish, I saw a tweet from OC Neal Brown, who had this to say about the first day:

Overall decent 1st day. Must play faster. Threw deep ball well. Standouts - Corker, Franks, Zoo, Corn, Swin, Doege, Okafor, Stephens. 235 today.less than a minute ago via web


Young Is Learning:  LAJ's Don Williams focuses on QB Scotty Young and his adjustment to major college football.  Tuberville had this to say about his freshman quarterback:

But Young’s time will come. Tuberville called him "a big, thick guy that probably can take pressure a little bit better than some of the guys we have.’’

"But his head’s spinning right now,’’ Tuberville said. "Neal Brown’s big on footwork, getting their feet set and getting their arm and legs and body into the ball, and he’s really not used to that.

"Scotty’s a guy that’ll learn a little bit more every day, and once he gets comfortable I think he’ll be able to get a lot more on the football. Right now, it looks like he’s a little tentative.’’

And Young talks about putting in some work:

"Right now, I’m kind of at the bottom of the charts,’’ he said, "so I’m kind of just trying to learn everything I can from the older guys and trying to soak everything in. That way, with some work, maybe I can move myself up over the next couple of years.’’

Notes, Notes and More Notes:  LAJ's Don Williams has a few more notes in the same article about LB Brandon Mahoney and DB Yahshua Williams leaving the team, which is that Potts and Sheffield were both back to form, but I wanted to highlight the first team defense:

On Saturday, DEs Brian Duncan and Sam Fehoko and DTs Colby Whitlock and Myles Wade formed the first-team defensive line. The first nickel defense package had LBs Julius Howard and Bront Bird and DBs Will Ford, Jarvis Phillips, D.J. Johnson, Franklin Mitchem and Cody Davis.

Miscellaneous:  DMN's Mike Graham has three short articles:  start of practice, Sheffield is up to 200 pounds, and Tuberville thinks there's a lot of work to do

Video after the jump.

Video:  KAMC with a practice report and Fox34 talks with Batch after practice: