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Red Raider Gridiron | Players Report and We're Giddy


Official Stuff:  Wanted to get the official stuff up front.  All of the players reported yesterday and the university released the following:

- 2010 Reporting Roster
- 2010 Media Supplement
- Photos! OMG!!

I really haven't had the time to look at every player on roster, so if anything jumps out at you, leave a comment.

Another Peak Transfer:  LAJ's Don Williams confirms something that's been floating around the internets for some time as LB Tahrick Peak's older brother, RB Nubian Peak, is going to transfer to Texas Tech.  Just to catch everyone up, Tahrick was denied admission to Virginia Tech, his original school of choice and where Nubian played last year.  Nubian played flanker last year for Virginia Tech (he actually redshirted) and is 5-11/183 and Tahrick makes the claim that Nubian runs a 4.20 40-yard dash time . . . here's video proof.  Nubian's 2008 highlight video can be found here, where you would expect one to say that he's awesome.  Going back to Virginia Tech blog, TechSuperfans, this is what they said when Nubian was a part of the 2009 class:

Nubian Peak (RB) - recruited by Billy Hite
TSF annually picks three players as the Most Underrated and this year Nubian Peak is one of those players. Just go here and you'll have a smile on your face for the next 6 minutes. He is probably the fastest player in the entire class (as recruitnik D said while watching Peak's footage "He runs like a cheetah, I love cheetahs!") and is another perfect example of a hybrid. A good offensive coordinator - oh what we would give for one of those - would move Peak all over the field, similar to what LSU does with Trindon Holliday and WVU does with Noel Devine. If Peak can catch the ball and block, he could make a splash in the slot, or line-up next to the QB on 3rd downs or return kicks or maybe do all three. We love his balance, the sharpness of his cuts and, of course, that eye-opening football speed. The recruiting services made a fool of themselves rating him a 3-star recruit.

So, despite missing out on a couple of receivers and with the current 2011 class lacking in receivers (just Derek Edwards on board right now), this seems like a pretty good move to get some more talent in Lubbock that can play this position.  Here's Don Williams on Nubian talking to a Virginia newspaper and that he doesn't think he should have to wait to play:

"I didn’t think we were going to be able to play together,’’ Tahrick Peak said. "Now we get to. It’s good, two brothers playing together.’’

Last week, Nubian Peak told the Roanoke (Va.) Times that the Virginia Tech offensive system "didn’t quite fit me’’ and he thought he was unlikely to crack the starting lineup until his junior year.

"If you’ve got a guy who runs a 4.2, a guy who tied Michael Vick’s (school) record when he got to camp, why wouldn’t you have him out there on the field?’’ Peak said to the Roanoke Times. "I feel, with my ability, I shouldn’t have to wait.’’

Nubian will have to wait at least one year, this year, but when he suits up next year, he should be a sophomore.

Freshman DB's Look to Play:  LAJ's Don Williams talks with the freshman defensive backs who look to make some sort of contribution this year:  Tre'Vante Porter, Urell Johnson, Desmond Martin and Russell Polk.  Here's head coach Tommy Tuberville talking about how he needs to find depth:

"We’ll take a couple — two, three that are most mature, that can learn as much as they can in a short period of time — and we’ll go with them,’’ Tuberville said Friday, "because we have no choice. We just don’t have enough depth.’’

Each of the players have quotes about what they bring to the team, so go read the whole thing.

Notes, Notes and More Notes:  LAJ's Don Williams talks about CB LaRon Moore's leg injury, which is still healing and Tuberville talks about how he wishes spring practices were earlier in the year . . . Tuberville got two new pair of boots . . . Alex Chester, a preferred walk-on from Austin High, is trying to make a name for himself as a deep-snapper . . . incoming freshman Dartwan Bush is down to 238, from 255 as his high school weight . . . video after the jump . . .

Reporting Video:  Fox34 had some video of players reporting and it's after the jump