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Red Raider Gridiron | Depth Chart Discussions and So Many Links

Official Depth Chart and Transcript:  From the official site, we have a couple of items.  First and foremost, the official site has the game preview (click the Tech Notes for the PDF version) which has the official depth chart.  Also from yesterday, we have the transcript from yesterday's press conference luncheon where head coach Tommy Tuberville, QB Taylor Potts RB Baron Batch and LB Bront Bird all talk about the SMU game. 

I'd recommend reading the entire transcript.  Here's just a bit from Tuberville and the three players.  Tuberville:

The depth chart that you see, everybody will play. You will see people going on and off the field.  You’ll see a lot of defensive guys, starters, playing special teams. You’ll see a lot of subs on special teams. We put a depth chart, that’s pretty much our starters if you ask me. Somebody will start the game but more than likely, they are out there six, seven, eight plays, then somebody will take their spot. It will be a revolving door with players in games for us. You can’t play the speed we ask them to play and play 60 minutes. You just can’t do it. We’ll play a lot of players."


On the team’s thoughts about the quarterback battle:
"As far as the team, I don’t think it has changed a whole lot. I think, no matter who it was going to be, they are going to play hard, and really our team goal is to win a championship. Whoever plays what position on this team, everybody has the same goal as we all want to win a championship.  So, no matter who is playing left guard or who is kicking, whoever it is we know we all have to play really well and our main goal is to win a championship. So, it doesn’t matter who plays everyone has that same goal of winning a championship."


On SMU defense:
"They’re a lot better than they have been in the past. SMU is a good team. They have a lot of guys who can run well. They are a better football team all around. We’re going to have to come to play."


On the defense being more complicated:
"It is a lot more complicated of a scheme, but what they try to focus on is not just knowing what you are supposed to do. In the past, a lot of guys were satisfied knowing what they were supposed to do, but you are a better player when you understand the whole scheme of what everyone is doing, as far as coverages. Your fronts, your linebackers, if you feel comfortable with what everyone is doing it makes is a lot easier for you to play fast and understand where everyone is going."

There's a couple of interesting things from the depth chart as well.  I think the depth chart will change from week-to-week.  In addition to simply seeing where the coaches have players slotted, I was also keenly interested in the experience breakdown:

Seniors:  7 (Chris Olson, Taylor Potts, Steven Sheffield, Baron Batch, Lyle Leong, Blake Kelley, Detron Lewis)
Juniors:  9 (Mickey Okafor, Lonnie Edwards, Jonathan Guerra, Justin Keown, Blake Emert, Aaron Crawford, Tramain Swindall, Adam James, Jacoby Franks)
Sophomores: 8 (LaAdrian Waddle, Deveric Gallington, Terry McDaniel, Eric Stephens, Darrin Moore, Cornelius Douglas, Austin Zouzalik, Alexander Torres)
Freshmen:  2 (Eric Ward, Derrick Mays)

Seniors:  5 (Colby Whitlock, Brian Duncan, Bront Bird, Julius Howard, Franklin Mitchem)
Juniors:  10 (Scott Smith, David Neill, Donald Langley, Lawrence Rumph, Bobby Agoucha, Myles Wade, Chris Perry, Sam Fehoko, Tyrone Sonier, Brent Dewhurst)
Sophomores:  3 (Will Ford, Cody Davis, D.J. Johnson)
Freshmen:  6 (Aundrey Barr, Cqulin Hubert, Daniel Cobb, Tre' Porter, Terrance Bullitt, Jarvis Phillips)

On offense, I read all last year that Keown was a junior and he appears to be a junior again.  I'm also surprised to see Guerra as the backup left guard, although I'd guess that Guerra would be a last option.  Surprising to see Moore shoot up the depth chart so quickly, but he does offer something that Texas Tech doesn't have, which is a big receiving target (6-4/210).  The rest I think we've known.  On defense, of the 10 juniors, 7 of them are defensive linemen.  I know, looking past next year is for losers, but there will be a lot of depth on the defensive line in 2011, but no depth in 2012.  Quite a few freshmen will be getting time, as of the 6 freshmen, Hubert and Porter are true freshmen. The defense isn't necessarily young, but it is inexperienced, with so many JUCO transfers.  Conversely, the offense is relatively young with 10 players being sophomores or younger including a nice mix of 3 offensive linemen, a running back and 4 receivers.

Also on the official site, we have information on the Raider Walk as well as video of Tubs taking the tour, asking fans to come out and support the players and then go back to tailgating. 

Much, much, much more after the jump.

Texas Tech Links:  LAJ's Don Williams with a notebook from yesterday, including the note that Jonathan LaCour winning the punting job . . . also from Williams, all eyes are on the opener . . . DT's Jon Arnold asks that we all give Potts a chance (reference to Lennon) . . . DT's Mike Graham with Tuberville ready to begin the season . . . thinks that Scott Smith is the 8th best JUCO transfer:

The mammoth Hawaiian pass rusher had a huge impact at the junior college level. He collected 14 sacks last season at Butler Community College – where NFL running back Rudi Johnson once played – raising the terror threat level by himself after every stop he made.

Smith transferred to Lubbock in the summer and he’s impressed coach Tommy Tuberville in the limited amount of time he’s been working with the team. He’s expected to fill the need of a pass-rushing end and put a lot of pressure on the pass-happy opponents of Texas Tech (six quarterbacks in the Big 12 alone threw for over 3,000 yards last season).

. . . the LAJ with changes in the parking situation . . . LLAJ's Adam Zuvanich with some thoughts on yesterday's press conference and be on the lookout for Potts on Saturday as he'll be dove hunting somewhere . . . the Tulsa World with some generic thoughts on Tuberville in the post-Leach era . . .

Coaches Hot Seat Looks at the Big 12 South:  Coaches Hot Seat blog looks at the Big 12 South and thinks that Texas Tech finishes 3rd in the Big 12 South:

CHS Analysis:  Tommy Tuberville taking over at Texas Tech will give college football fans a great opportunity to see what really is the difference in coaching between the Big 12 and SEC and for more than just a bogus and meaningless exhibition bowl game where two of those conference teams have met in the past.  Mike Leach recruited some very good football players to Tech and if Tuberville and his staff can transition those players to their new systems, especially on defense, Texas Tech is going to be a force in the Big 12 in 2010.  Tech has a very big challenge in the first game against SMU and June Jones’ run-and-shoot offense and if the Red Raiders can get by that game and at New Mexico in Week 2 they might be able to build some momentum that could wreak some havoc in the Big 12.  Can Tommy Tuberville win the Big 12 conference title at Texas Tech?  Was Paul Newman a helluva actor?  Yes to both of those questions!

You should also read the part about TAMU for a giggle and damn that 2009 game.  SMU Mustangs Links:  DMN's Kate Hairopoulos with thoughts on the SMU depth chart . . . Hairopoulos also writes that this Texas Tech game offers an opportunity for a big game:

"The key for us is to play with confidence early and let that confidence snowball," Jones said. "Hopefully that will happen."

Also crucial will be the ability of SMU's defensive front seven to put pressure on Tech quarterback Taylor Potts. Jones is high on the talent level of his defensive linemen and linebackers.

"A lot of guys have two years under Coach Jones now," defensive end Taylor Thompson said. "We know the defense; we know how to work as a team.

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