To appease the Football Gods.....

With our string of injuries between the Spring and now, the call on our starting QB, the James fiasco, Leach's departure, and everything else that has gone horribly wrong in the last 8-9 months, I've come to a conclusion.

We've pissed of Lady Karma and she is terribly angry with us / you. (Feel guilty)

I'm borrowing this bit from Bill C. at Rock M Nation, who borrowed it from Roll Bama Roll. Read this as soon as you can, if you have ample time, because it will take a while.

After reading this post, it makes perfect sense. We need to fess up to a few things to make the Football Gods happy. Don't hold back at all. Let it all out. Hell, cry if you want to. I don't care if your husband / wife or girlfriend / boyfriend reads this blog. Let it go!

If anything, this will hold us over until Sunday afternoon. I know it's not going to be easy to watch everybody else play on Saturday while we have to wait till Sunday.

I'll start, albeit I don't really want to.

1. While in High School I attended a house party with some friends. I became quite inebriated and passed out in somebody's room. I woke up with the sudden urge to urinate and decided I didn't want to get up. In the morning, I blamed it on their dog. To this day that dog hasn't been in the house. I feel terrible. It was at this same house, but not the same party, that I relieved myself in a very old Grandfather Clock. Not my proudest moment.

2. I watch Project Runway with my wife and I don't complain about it.

3. I know entirely to many muscials. 7 Wives for 7 Brothers is one of my favorites. In that same category, Holiday Inn, White Christmas, and The Sound Of Music.

4. I don't remember much of my own wedding. Not because I was drinking or drunk, but so incredibly nervous I could barely speak.

5. I did cry during the first 20 minutes of the Disney Movie "Up". Not ashamed.

6. I had to quit contact sports at 16 due to a kidney complication. 4 years later I found out that I had the wrong diagnosis. I still tell people I was "burned out". (this one still hurts)

Don't feel free to add to this, you are required to.

I can smell a Big 12 Championship already.

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