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Five Questions | Spit-Ballin' the Texas Tech Defensive Two-Deep Before SMU


I think we're all pretty comfortable where things are offensively, or maybe I should say that I'm pretty comfortable where things are at offensively, there's still a lot of similarity with the offense and I think we have a pretty good handle on where things stand.  However, with the defense, I've been adding 2 + 2 for a few weeks, trying to piece together a two-deep based on comments by head coach Tommy Tuberville and articles by LAJ's Don Williams.

With the SMU Mustangs less than a week away, it's time to start thinking about how things will look on Sunday.

1.  Tuberville mentioned last week that there's going to essentially be five players along the defense line.  Here's what I have thus far (again, based on recent article and comments):

DT (Three Technique):  Donald Langley, Lawrence Rumph, Chris Perry, David Neill
NG:  Colby Whitlock, Myles Wade, Bobby Agoucha
DE (Situational Player):  Any of the other NG/DT or Kerry Hyder, Pearlie Graves

This probably looks like a very fluid defensive line and you're probably thinking that this whole "situational player" is a bunch of hooey, but based on what Tuberville has said, I think Tuberville is going to try to adjust to the situation.  So, you'll see, perhaps a pairing of Whitlock and Langley in one unit, then Wade and Rumph in the second unit and then if it's a running situation, maybe Graves, but if it's a passing down, maybe it's Hyder. 

What do you think I've got right and what do you think I've got wrong?

2.  The outside linebackers (again mentioned by Tuberville last week) that the outside linebackers would be considered lineman and the two outside linebackers will be on the line, but you won't know which of the two will be putting pressure on the offense, if any at all.  Here's who I have:

OLB:  Brian Duncan, Scott Smith
OLB (Buck):  Sam Fehoko, Aundrey Barr
OLB (Swing):  Tahrick Peak

This goes a bit against what I've thought, which is that Fehoko was supposed to be an inside linebacker, but there have been a couple of mentions, especially by DC James Willis that Fehoko is in that Buck or Joker linebacker.  I think that you could consider Duncan to essentially be a defensive end, but he's an outside linebacker.  As recent as last week, despite injuries, Tahrick Peak has been mentioned, by name, as a guy that will see time at both outside linebacker positions, which is why I have him as a "swing" player in that he can play both spots.

Should anyone else be added to this group and do you have any other player that you think might fit into any of these positions?

More good good after the jump.

3.  Inside linebacker seems a bit easier to predict as these spots have seemingly been set for some tim

ILB:  Bront Bird, Tyrone Sonier
ILB:  Julius Howard, Daniel Cobb

I know that Cqulin Hubert and Joe Carmical are going to be players here in the future as is Zach Winbush, but I think this is going to be a pretty tight rotation.  Anyone else that I'm missing?

4.  Cornerback has also beena  position that has been set for a while, but we've needed to see what freshmen would qualify and then we would need to see if those freshmen could play.  We know a little bit more and here's your cornerbacks:

CB:  Jarvis Phillips, Will Ford, D.J. Johnson, Urell Johnson, Eugene Neboh, LaRon Moore

I was a little surprised that Neboh is still in the mix, but Tuberville mentioned him by name.  Any guesses as to who the starters are?

5.  Last year's starting safeties where the first players that DC Willis mentioned when asked about improvement in the secondary.  Here's who I've got:

S:  Franklin Mitchem, Cody Davis, Brett Dewhurst, Terrance Bullitt
Swing:  Tre' Porter

Just like all of the other positions, I think that most of these guys split the same and that Poter is going to be a pivotal player.  I've labeled Porter as "swing" because I think the staff has mentioned that he would play both cornerback and safety.  

That's 29 players in the blockquotes. Overall, what do you think I've gotten right and what do you think I've got wrong?