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Recruiting on the High Plains | CB Don Hursey


I think we're going to need a little more information, but it appears that CB Don Hursey has committed to Texas Tech as part of the 2010 class and not the 2011 class.  LAJ's Don Williams very short paragraph about Hursey's commitment said this:

After not signing in February, he was set to attend Hargrave (Va.) Military Academy.

This almost makes it sound like that Hursey may be a part of the 2010 class and rather than attend Hargrave, Hursey should be in Lubbock this fall.  Let's get to it:

The Measurables:

Don Hursey
Position: CB
DTN Profile
Video: Clip 1 : Clip 2
Rivals Profile 5.5
Scout Profile
ESPN Profile 74
Ht: 5'11"
Wt: 175 lbs
Forty: 4.54
High School: H.D. Woodson (Washington, D.C.)

Much more after the jump.

The Player Speaks:  Can't find anything on Hursey talking about his commitment.  Maybe we'll get to this later if Hursey gets on campus.  I did find an article from DCSportsFan that last year, Hursey was one of the most sought-after recruits heading into the year:

Don Hursey, H.D. Woodson
Rounding out the list is Woodson’s lockdown corner Don Hursey. Coming off a 50-tackle and four interception season, Hursey is looking to solidify his standing as a three star defensive back, and possibly the best d-back in the area.

"He can cover very well," Fuller added. "He is good at man coverage. He makes big plays. Both in coverage and on anything on the outside. Even on run plays, too. He’s very good at locking down his man."

And Division I teams have taken note, as Hursey’s summer is going to be filled with playing at various camps affiliated with college programs. UNC, Virginia Tech, Penn State and Maryland’s position camps are already on the docket for Hursey, as he prepares to help Woodson defend their city title.



Scouting Report:  Truthfully, there's quite a bit of film out there on Hursey (check out his beRecruited profile), most of it I think is the work of Hursey as I get the impression he's quite the self-promoter (and there's nothing wrong with that, you don't get far in this world if you don't let everyone know what you can do).  From what I can tell, Hursey is a pretty good athlete and he's effective at what he does, but he looks a little uncoordinated at times (this is probably a poor choice of words, but I'm going with it).  To me, looks like a player where he's still catching up with his athletic ability.  He absolutely fits the mold of what Tuberville is looking for in a defensive back.  Very good speed and with so many defensive backs of the 2010 class that didn't qualify, this is just more depth to a position that Tuberville says that Texas Tech needs more depth.

Don, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!