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Red Raider Gridiron | Tuberville: "Get your red on."

Practice Report:  I'm running late today, so I'm going to have to get this done is a hurry, not much commentary this morning.  The official site has something about some big news on Saturday.  Baited breath.  Here's the video after yesterday's practice:

Tommy Tuberville:  Did a lot of fast work today, make decisions on the run.  Running game is coming on and good to see that working.  Still beat up defensively, need to get some defensive backs healthy, very proud of the defensive linemen.  Jarvis Phillips is out with a shoulder injury.  Is asked how much the reality show, The Ride, will help recruiting and it's all about exposure and it will be a good selling tool.  ILB Bront Bird is smart, gets everyone lined up in the right formation.  He's been a surprise as to how physical he's been.

IR Cornelius Douglas:  Every day is a physical practice as people are competing for spots.  The defense is hitting as much as previously, from the waist up.  The defense is confusing to him, very much different to him.  Will see receivers shift around, IR Detron Lewis at X, might see RB Eric Stephens as a receiver.  The inside receivers are used about the same.

LB Bront Bird:  Was a physical practice, worked on the running game, and then in the team game, worked the NASCAR offense for 20 straight plays made it tough.  Cannot sub at all when the offense is moving quickly in the NASCAR mode.  Thinks there's more contact this year.  There's so much running involved.

OC Brown Tweet of the Day:  Here's OC Neal Brown's tweet from yesterday after practice:

We had a good workout this afternoon. Following guys had a good day: 1st group of OL, Douglas, Swindall, Franks, James, Mcroy, and Stephensless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


Notes, Notes and More Notes:  LAJ's Don Williams talks with ILB Bront Bird about the freshmen linebackers:

Bird lauded Cqulin Hubert’s hard hitting, Zach Winbush’s speed and Joe Carmical’s quick knowledge of the defense. Bird said Hubert, whom Tech coaches plucked away from Iowa State’s pledge class the weekend before signing day, is his backup.

"That guy can just hit," Bird said. "He’s what you want in a linebacker. A lot of freshmen are a little tentative to hit. That guy’ll go get it."

Bird said Winbush is "so fast" and called Carmical "a genius."

He said Carmical had the defense down before preseason workouts started and picked up reads faster than most.

. . . Williams also notes that Tubs commented on DT Chris Perry and that he worked hard during the offseason, also mentioning again DE Scott Smith, DT Lawrence Rumph and DT Bobby Agoucha . . .

Record Crowd at Kickoff Luncheon:  LAJ's Don Williams reports on yesterday's Kickoff Luncheon and head coach Tommy Tuberville had this to say:

"One thing I want to ask you to do if you don’t: Put up posters on your windows," Tuberville said at the Red Raider Club Kickoff Luncheon. "Put flags on your cars. Put bumper stickers on your cars. Do things to promote Texas Tech, so when we have visitors on this campus, they go, ‘My gosh, it’s a cult.’ We want them to understand that everybody’s on the same page."

About 1,800 fans, which Tech officials said was a record for the Kickoff Luncheon, turned out for the event. They cheered loudly when Tuberville called on fans to wear more scarlet than black on game day.

"Get your red on," he said. "Want everybody to wear red. This is the Red Raiders."

Name a QB by Sunday or Monday:  DMN's Mike Graham writes that Tubs expects to name a starting quarterback by Sunday or Monday:

"They get the same reps," Tuberville said after Thursday's practice. "Both of them are going to be able to play but we're going to have a starter. And we'll announce that either Sunday or Monday. We really don't look at separation in practice because they all get the same reps."

Injury Status:  On FSSW,'s Travis Cram has a rundown on the injuries at camp, and on, he also has a practice report.

2011 Commits:  The Statesman talked Hendrickson RB Kenny Williams about the upcoming season, his commitment to Texas Tech and his friendship with QB Michael Brewer . . . speaking of Michael Brewer, News 8 in Austin previewed the Lake Travis football team . . .