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The Art of Polls: Preseason

This year, I will be doing the honor of filling out DTN's SB Nation BlogPoll. As you all know, polling is an art, and my approach to it will be some sort of strange combination of where I think teams are currently, where I think teams deserve to be, and throwing stuff at the wall.

So, without further ado, I have my preseason poll:

As a little bit of commentary, you'll notice that I don't include Texas Tech in my initial poll. I'd certainly have Tech in my next 5, but I'd put us in a group with Missouri and A&M as the other team that's going to be good in the Big XII. You'll also notice that only one team has a new coach, FSU, and I kinda wish I didn't rank them now.

As to the rest of the year, I promise to attempt always to represent you fine posters at DTN well and submit a weekly poll that you can be proud of