DOEGE: 2011 QB

I had a chance to catch Tech Talk today, and Level mentioned he just had a conversation with OC Brown about the back-up QBs. It seems Brown feels he has 3 QBs that could lead this team right now. We know the first two, but the 3rd may come as a surprise to some......Seth Doege. It seems Doege is solidly in the 3rd spot according to Brown, and is the front runner to lead the team in 2011. I know there is alot of love for Karam here, and he is no doubt a first class kid. However, just as some of us who saw srping practice saw, he simply missing something at this point. If this trend continues, I think it's likely that our congestion at the QB position will eventually claim Karam as it's first victim.

Also on Tech Talk, we will have the new JumboTron in place for the 2011 season. It is going to be placed in the south endzone, replacing the DoubleT Scoreboard, and the current design being considered would have the screen run the enire length of the end zone making it the largest board in the NCAA.

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