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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: Being Third Best Without Coaching a Game

EA Sports Tag: Just a quick link, if you enjoy reading some of these EA Sports posts, there's a SB Nation tag where you can see all of the articles. 

Recruiting on the High Plans for the David Bros.:  FYI, I know that I'm incredibly delinquent as far as a ROTHP for Derek David and Logan David.  I've already done quite a bit of work on it and I'm waiting on this article becoming fully available.  Apparently, I have to wait two weeks before it will be fully published on the website.  It's in the hopper, I promise.

Ranking Big 12 Coaches: Without having coached a single game NE Statepaper's Samuel McKewon ranks Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville as the #3 head coach in the Big 12:

3. Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech
Record: 110-60 overall 6-3 in bowls
Milestones: Five division titles, one SEC title, undefeated in 2004 (all at Auburn)
Strengths: The record doesn’t lie; over 100 wins in the SEC (with Auburn and Mississippi) is nothing to brush off. A confident risk-taker who has won his share of close games under the watchful eye of the nation’s toughest booster at Auburn. Good bowl game coach. He’ll recruit better to Lubbock than Mike Leach ever did, occasionally plucking a player or two out of Florida.
Weaknesses: Viewed as cocky and outspoken. Takes risks - he got the nickname "Riverboat Gambler" - that don’t always pay off. His final season at Auburn was a disaster, as he hired - then fired - his equally outspoken offensive coordinator before the year had ended. Seemed to openly ask for jobs in the offseason. Well - he got one.

Wide Receiver Countdown to Kickoff:'s Travis Cram takes a look at the receiver position and I guess that the t-shirts have been printed, it's officially "Receiver U":

Texas Tech has become not just a place for quarterbacks to flourish, but also the guys on the other end — welcome to Receiver U.

"We wear that name on those shirts proud," sophomore wide receiver Alex Torres said following a practice last season. "That’s something that this place has become known for and we just want to keep that tradition going."

Torres and others have become the newest names to replace the spots once occupied by guys like Wes Welker and Michael Crabtree.

Torres returns with all of last year’s group, excluding Edward Britton and now have the opportunity to learn under inside receivers coach Sonny Cumbie, a graduate intern last season, and outside receivers coach Tommy Mainord.

Defensive Line Look:  DMN's Mikel Graham previews the defensive line:

Colby Whitlock (6-2, 287) is the only major contributor back from last season’s defensive line. Whitlock played defensive tackle in 2009 and registered 45 tackles, eight tackles for loss and three sacks. But new defensive coordinator James Willis has brought in the 3-4 defense, so Whitlock will switch to nose tackle this season.

What the line lacks in game experience could be made up by some talented, but largely untested transfers and freshmen who achieved great things before coming to the South Plains.

Most notably, junior college transfers and defensive ends Donald Langley and Myles Wade join the front line. Both were highly touted, All-American recruits in high school.

Tech Ten, Quarterback Controversy:  KAMC is running down the top ten stories of the Texas Tech football team and #10 is the quarterback controversy.

College Football Outsiders Discussion:  Bill Connelly of College Football Outsiders fame talks with KU Sports about a ton of things, mainly Kansas, but also talks Texas Tech at the 26 minute mark.  For those of you who don't want to spend $15 on a preview magazine, then go purchase Football Outsiders College Football Almanac for $5.  It's a PDF, so it will be available immediately, you'll always have it on your computer and you're saving a few trees.

Opponent Previews:  Rock M Nation's Bill C. looks at the Colorado defense BTBS style . . .