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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe | Big 12 Media Days Are Upon Us

So Many Links:  Over the next few days there's going to be more links and tidbits than you'll be able to shake a stick at.  In fact, there's a ton of links this morning, most of them are quick-hits and nothing really substantial.  You'd be doing me a huge favor by posting a FanPost, FanShot or posting in the comments of that morning's DTN DD. 

Big 12 Media Days:  You can follow the Big 12 Media Days by clicking on this link.  Apparently, the Big 12 has the technology to stream the entire thing live.  Texas Tech's head coach Tommy Tuberville, DT Colby Whitlock, QB Taylor Potts and QB Steven Sheffield will all show up tomorrow along with BCS chief Bill Hancock and Big 12 head-honcho Dan Beebe.  Who wants to bet that tomorrow, at some point, Tuberville pulls Beebe aside and tells him that Beebe had better not flat-out lie to the press (Beebe said when he slapped Tuberville on the wrists that Tuberville apologized, that apology apparently never happened) about what he says?  LAJ's Courtney Linehan and here's what Tuberville said about taking both Potts and Sheffield:

"I let our coaches talk about it," Tuberville said of choosing which players would represent the Red Raiders. "With Sheffield and Potts being out I thought it would be a good opportunity for them to get back in the swing of things, put a little pressure on them."

Bird at Inside Linebacker:  Hat-tip to CRV,'s Joel A. Erickson talks with ILB Bront Bird who does give us some insight in that he won't be leaving the field like he did in previous years where he was a SLB in a 4-3 and couldn't cover slot receivers.  Now, Bird will be inside and play quite a bit:

Under Willis, Bird doesn’t have to leave the field at all.

"I think I could double or triple my snaps this year," Bird said. "For a guy like me, having to leave the field is obviously pretty frustrating, but I don’t ever leave the field anymore. I love it."

Beating Cancer:  DMN's Chuck Carlton found a good story about a 14-year old Lubbock teen, Zachary Judah, and his story to beat cancer.  Former Red Raider Brandon Sharpe and current Red Raider Myles Wade visited Zachary last year.  Wade's mom died of cancer prior to his arrival at Texas Tech

Women's Football Clinic:  The official site has information on the the annual Women's Football Clinic.  If any of our female readers decide to go, we'd love a first-hand report.  This past weekend was the fantasy camp and LAJ's Courtney Linehan had a story about it.

Everyone Has Questions:  It seems that there are a few reporters asking questions (I thin this is an easy way to write an article) and it seems as if everyone in the Big 12 wonders if Texas Tech will change their offense, FWST's William Wilkerson asks this questions, but at least he writes this:

Tuberville's hiring of 30-year-old offensive coordinator Neal Brown went a long way in backing up his claim. Brown led a fast-paced Troy offense that was third in the nation in total offense last season.

But's John Henderson can't find the answer:

7. Whither Texas Tech's passing attack? New coach Tommy Tuberville is talking title but by using more balance. He had to in the spring. Both quarterbacks were hurt.

KC Star's Blair Kerkhoff writes that balance will be the meme of the Big 12 in coming years.

Miscellaneous:  CT's Dave Matter thinks that the departing schools will be the talk of the Big 12 media days, but considers' Tuberville's arrival a major storyline to follow:

2. Tuberville captains Raiders’ vessel: Texas Tech made Mike Leach walk the plank and replaced him with former Mississippi and Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville, one of the offseason’s wisest coaching hires. Tuberville should bring instant credibility to the Red Raiders’ weakest dimension, its defense, and he gives the Big 12 South another heavyweight coach with strong credentials: He won two division titles in a five-year run at Auburn and almost always had the Tigers in contention in the rugged Southeastern Conference. His first challenge at Texas Tech is deciding between two experienced quarterbacks, Taylor Potts and Steven Sheffield, the league’s most intriguing position battle.

. . . Omaha World-Hearald's Tom Shatel thinks that Big  Ten talk will rule Big 12 media days . . . FSSW's Eddie Middleton ranks the Big 12 receivers and Texas Tech checks in at #2:

2) Texas Tech: The Red Raiders have seven of their top eight receivers returning from last season. All four of their projected starters had at least 45 receptions and five touchdowns last season and any one of them could be considered the #1 receiver. Detron Lewis led the team in receiving yards (844), Alex Torres led in receptions (67), and Lyle Leong led in touchdowns (9). A guy who wasn't mentioned is junior Tramain Swindall who had 55 receptions, 694 yards, and five touchdowns. While the Aggies might have the most talent, there is no question that the Red Raiders are the deepest receiver corp in the Big 12.

. . . FSSW's Matt Scales ranks the hotness of their coaching seats and ranks Texas Tech's Tuberville #6:

6. TOMMY TUBERVILLE, TEXAS TECH - I know it’s his first year, but he’s got big shoes to fill in the eyes of Tech fans. Folks in Lubbock  are used to watching their team light up the scoreboard and run teams out of town. Tuberville has already gone on record saying the Red Raiders are going to run the ball more. If you run the ball and don’t score enough points to win, the natives will get restless, even in year one.

Somehow, Colorado head coach Dan Hawkins isn't on the top of the list. . . . Clone Chronicles' Mark Keiffer continues his Big 12 predictions . . . New Mexico's KRQE had a news story on recent commit ATH Ronnie Daniels . . .

Sprucing Up the USA:  LAJ's Courtney Linehan writes that the United Spirit Arena received $840,000 worth of renovations through private donations:

Timelines featuriing significant players and events from both basketball teams line the north and south walls of the west entrance. Scattered across the timelines are small display cases built into the wall for trophies, jerseys and memorabilia.

Two corner cases will highlight former men’s coach and athletic director Polk Robison and former Lady Raider and three-time WNBA MVP Sheryl Swoopes.

Former coaches Marsha Sharp and Bob Knight each have a display case toward the center of the room.

Ranking the Big 12 Coaches:  CT's Steve Walentik ranks the Big 12 coaches and Texas Tech head coach Pat Knight checks in at #10:

10. Pat Knight, Texas Tech: Knight has seemed to be learning on the job since inheriting his post from his father with 11 games remaining in the 2008 season. Last year’s 19-16 season showed some progress as it culminated in an appearance in the NIT. But it also had to be considered disappointing after the Red Raiders carried a 12-2 mark into Big 12 play. With John Roberson and Mike Singletary back for one more run, Texas Tech might be poised for a breakthrough beginning this fall, but Knight’s team will have to improve dramatically on the defensive end. The Red Raiders yielded a league-worst 81.5 points per game against Big 12 foes last season.