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Recruiting on the High Plains | RB Ronnie Daniels - Update

I was sent an article from a good DTN reader regarding La Cueva, New Mexico, running back Ronnie Daniels, who committed to Texas Tech last week.  What I didn't know is that Daniels will be one of many Red Raiders in his family as his mother, aunt and grandfather all attended Texas Tech.  I'm linking to an article from the ABQ Journal's Will Webber.  If you're not a subscriber, then click on the link that you want to take a free trial version to read the whole thing.  Next, a video will appear and after about 15 seconds, there will be a link that pops up that asks if you want to go read the article.  Daniels talked a bit about his ties to Texas Tech:

What put the Raiders over the top, however, was the fact that his mother, his aunt and his grandfather all attended the school.

"There's a lot of history there," Daniels said. "It's not like my family ever tried to persuade me to go there but it's one of the schools I know a lot about just because of what I've heard."

A 6-foot-2, 205-pound back with 4.5 speed and remarkable field vision, Daniels broke many La Cueva records while leading the Bears to the Class 5A state championship last season. He rushed for 2,248 yards and 31 touchdowns despite missing nearly three full games with a shoulder injury.

And Daniels also talked about what the coaches at Texas Tech thought about Daniels:

"They started off saying they might use me outside, then after that week they talked about me as a running back," Daniels said. "I guess they didn't really think I was as big or as fast as everyone said I was, at least not big enough to run the ball."

Don't forget that Daniels will be joining his future teammates in January as he intends on graduating early. 

After the jump I did find a Rivals video (free) of more Daniels' highlights.