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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech Breaks Season Ticket Records

If I'm Away:  I think most of you know that I'm usually away from the computer for almost the entire day once I leave for work, which is usually about 7:00 a.m.  I always appreciate readers sending me emails during the day with story links, but more times than not, I'm not going to be able to post any of those links until early in the morning.  Additionally, since Texas Tech will be headed to the Big 12 Media Days, if anyone wants to post links of quotes or discussion points, feel free to maybe post your own FanPost link-dump or a FanShot.  You'd be helping me out, although I will say that if your post ever mysteriously disappears, it's usually because it's a double-post and the link you've posted is already on DTN.  Pretty soon, you guys and gals will be replacing me in posting links.  Help me help you.

Dykes, Leach and Lemons:  LAJ's Tommy Magelssen had a short article about a guy who is writing a book of quotes from Spike Dykes, Mike Leach and Abe Lemons.  So there you go.

Breaking Records:  The official site says that Texas Tech is earnin' and burnin' by setting records of season tickets at 30,709, which does not include the students.  

Big 12 Preseason Stuff:  Hat-tip to TheScarletandTheBlack, the official Big 12 site had the media preseason football poll and I don't think there were many surprises, at least not to me.  I think most publications are thinking the Aggies make a bit of a surge this year.  I'm not sure about that, but time will tell.

Good Works:  ESPN's David Ubben has the list of eleven Big 12 players nominated for AFCA Good Works Team, and includes Seth C favorite, RB Baron Batch.  Here's the entire list. Congrats to Baron!

Ranking = Discussion Points:  I don't think it's a secret, but a big reason why writers rank players or positions is that people love lists and people love to think that they're team is being dissed.  I don't get worked up too much about these lists as I understand their intent.  In any event, NE State Paper Samuel McKewon ranks the defensive lines and Texas Tech is at #7:

7. Texas Tech
Returning Starters:
Strengths: As the Red Raiders move to a 3-4, nose tackle Colby Whitlock will be a key after he finished with 45 tackles on a very good defensive line last year. Tennessee transfer Donald Langley should fit in nicely to Tommy Tuberville’s scheme.
Weaknesses: Whitlock is the only down lineman with much experience. End Brian Duncan will move to linebacker, and we’ll consider him there.

Also, FSSW's Eddie Middleton ranks the Big 12 Running Backs and puts Baron Batch at #7:

7)  Baron Batch, Senior, Texas Tech:  When you think of Tech, you don't think  of running the football, but Batch does bring a solid running game  to Lubbock as he has 22 rushing touchdowns for his career. His  biggest contribution came in the bowl game win over the Spartans has  he rushed for 100 yards and two touchdowns on 22 carries. He also  caught six passes for 85 yards in that game as well. For a team  going through a transition, look for this senior to be the glue that keeps  the team together.

Matter's Ballot:  CT's Dave Matter released his All-Big 12 Offense ballot and no Red Raiders made the list, but many were under consideration.  I appreciate Matter's transparency and rational.  I may not agree, but I appreciate those two things.

BCS and Big 12 Love Each Other:  ESPN's David Ubben has some quotes from the head of the BCS Bill Hancock who is very happy that conference realignment didn't happen:

"I was concerned about it because of the unintended consequences. I don’t think any of us knew what might happen. One thing you know about right now, you know what the consequences are. But galactic changes open you up to so many things that you don’t even know about," Hancock said. "And it made me nervous. And I tried to think about, is this making me nervous because I’m a traditionalist, or because I really don’t know what might happen?

Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe also had this to say:

"I think it's a huge disservice to the student-athletes if it grows to a bigger number, where they have to go further and not have as much chance to win championships and have access to championships," Beebe said at June's Big 12 spring meetings.

This is all bullshit.

Battie Signs with Sixers:  Former Red Raider Tony Battie is going to be cashing NBA checks for at least another year for $1.4 million.  Battie said in his press conference that one of the reasons he went to Texas Tech was because he's a mama's boy.