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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: FOIA and Mizzou; Motivating Students to Attend Men's Basketball Games

FOIA and Mizzou:  There was some discussion that some folks felt that Texas Tech seemed to be unfairly targeted as far as Freedom of Information Act requests were concerned.  I meant to link to this the other day, but the Columbia Tribune's Joe Walljasper did the same thing and yes, it still makes Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe look desperate:

On June 3, Beebe pushed for Deaton to declare allegiance to the Big 12. Beebe sent an e-mail to Deaton after reading an Associated Press story about the Big 12 spring meetings that included a quote from Deaton that said, "We’re not shutting our ears to anything."

Beebe wrote: "I admire you greatly Brady, but the quote at the end of this article, which is being written about throughout the country, is what is damaging us so badly. We have to have an unequivocal commitment in a few days!!"

Deaton responded: "If any university President is not open to all information and analysis that may benefit their university, they should not be in their job. Frankly, I do not understand or accept the line of reasoning being suggested. As our meeting demonstrated, every President at the Board meeting was looking out for their University’s interest. They should be applauded for that.

I don't blame or besmirch Mizzou for looking out for their own interests.  Ultimately, they got shut out of the Big Ten, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't have listened.

Ranking the O-Lines:  NE State Paper's Samuel McKewon ranks the offensive lines, and although McKewon has done a decent job (in his defense, it's really tough to know every team like the fans know their team), this just isn't accurate:

11. Texas Tech
Returning Starters: Two
Strengths: The Red Raiders have big-time jaw-dropping size at tackle, as Terry McDaniel is 6-7, 335 and LaAdrian Waddle is 6-6, 350. Center Chris Olson is a returning starter with plenty of experience.
Weaknesses: New scheme, a greater emphasis on running the ball, and not much experience overall.

Five Reasons to be Optimistic:  DMN's Mike Graham runs down the five reasons Texas Tech fans should be optimistic .  The DMN website was down when I was going to blockquote a part of it, so you'll have to go there on your own.

College Football Images of the Decade:  This video is making the rounds, so I figured I'd go ahead and post as there are a couple of Texas Tech clips:


ESPN - College Football 2010 Images of the Decade (via drrll13)

Miscellaneous:  BC's Scipio Tex makes the connection: North Carolina is in trouble because of agents allegedly paying a player.  John Blake, recruiting master and former OU head coach seems to have a connection at a number of college football programs . . . BCS EVolution's utesfan100 writes about UT, TV networks and super conferences . . . former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach was on with KRLD's Newy Scruggs (but this is on ESPN and I have no idea why) and he's still mad at those in charge at Texas Tech . . .

Motivating Students:  LAJ's Courtney Linehan has the final article on her series regarding the attendance problem at the men's basketball games.  This part focuses on the students and their attendance, or lack thereof:

An average of 517 students attended each of Tech’s first six games, meaning nearly 2,900 lower-bowl seats reserved for them remained empty. Hoping to rally their peers, team managers went door-to-door in the dorms the night before Tech hosted 12th-ranked Washington on Dec. 3, 2009.

Whether because of their efforts or the high-profile opponent, more than 2,900 students were there to storm the court after the Red Raiders won 99-92 in overtime, a victory that propelled them into the Associated Press Top 25.

After seeing that turnout, the managers distributed 1,000 flyers before all but one Big 12 Conference home game.

There’s no way to measure the effect of their efforts, but student attendance at conference games was 2,089 last season, up from 932 a year earlier and 1,760 when Tech hosted the same teams in 2007-08.

Coach Pat Knight said it showed that legwork could bring bodies to the gym.

"Our managers took it upon themselves to do something and they made a difference," Knight said. "So much of everything is done on the computer, e-mail, texting, but this has to be done in person."

I will say that those first six games are typically during the winter break and most students aren't back from that break.  It may be unfair to expect many students to attend those games within that winter-break, but trying to motivate them to come to games after the break sounds like a good idea.  I also appreciate PK giving those managers credit for taking some initiative.