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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: More on Locker Room Renovations

Schedule for the Week:  We're going to be taking a closer look at defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson later this morning, the long-awaited basketball post that I believe will generate all sorts of emotion tomorrow and the Colorado preview on Friday. 

Congrats to Ward:  Congratulations to Texas Tech golfer Chris Ward for winning the Texas Amateur Championship at the Royal Oaks Country Club in Dallas.  Well done!

Locker Room Renovations:  If you haven't read the articles from LAJ's Don Williams from over the weekend, go get caught up now (here and here).  This morning, LAJ's Don Williams writes about the new display cases and head coach Tommy Tuberville had this to say:

"The thing players want to see when they come to your campus is they want to feel the tradition,'' new Tech coach Tommy Tuberville said. "There's nothing better than walking in that front door and seeing pictures of players and coaches from the past and what they've done and how they've done it.''

I think that this does make a difference and I'm the type of person who thinks that this type of aesthetic shouldn't make a difference, i.e., it's about the program, but I would guess that this does make a difference on some level to recruits who can see the success of this program.

The official site has a photo gallery and there was some video that I posted on Friday.

One other note is that this particular project is two years in the making and prior to Tuberville's arrival.

Offensive Shift:  CT's Dave Matter takes a look at the Big 12's best offensive skill players and RB Baron Batch is at #9:

9. Baron Batch, RB, Texas Tech: Batch is the prototypical Red Raider who catches more passes than any running back in the league — 57 last year — but he’s also one of the most effective runners in the conference. He averaged 5.3 yards a carry last season — more than any other back on this list — and scored more touchdowns than any non-receiver in the Big 12.

Oklahoma St. Stuff:  Pre-Snap Read's Paul Myerberg takes a look at the Cowboys (and a follow-up here) and has them ranked as the 69th best team next year.  I also found a couple of OSU blogs, something that's been hard to find on the internets, Wasted Optimism and Sea of Orange.  For whatever reason, Baylor and OSU are the two stragglers in the conference in the blogging world.  After Baylor's Bear Meat went away, it's been slim-pickings.  Depending on your level of safe-for-workness, Wasted Optimism may not be safe for work, so be forewarned.