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Five Questions :: Conference Realignment (and Twitter Shout-Outs and Links)


1.  Chancellor Hance talked with's Kirk Bohls and Cedric Golden and had this to say about the penalty / damages money from Nebraska and Colorado:

"It is my understanding that the University of Texas was not going to take that money," Hance said.

"That does not surprise me. Bill Powers and DeLoss Dodds are people of integrity, and they would not be involved in something like that, and I doubt anybody else would take that money."

Is anyone else enjoying Hance put a little bit of public pressure on Oklahoma and TAMU?  Ultimately, what do you think will happen with the penalty / damages money (i.e., will it be shared by everyone, or will some schools give up their portion to satisfy their overlords)?

2.  Hance also appears to be going in a little bit of an assault mode regarding what he expects to discuss at some future Big 12 meeting and Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe's denial (again from the article):

Hance said the presidents also will talk about controversial future television revenue-sharing, specifically whether the league's five smaller schools — Baylor, Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State — give up part of their shares of the expected future Fox television package to Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma until those three reached a revenue level of $20 million in a year.

Beebe denied that the presidents would discuss such a proposal.

Does anyone else think that the negative light that these three schools as being greedy and not being for improving the conference as a whole will have any effect on how the television deal is eventually worked out?  Again, not to kiss to much arse, but Hance is speaking up, while I find almost no other chancellors, athletic directors and presidents from the Leftovers or Hangers-On making similar requests.  Finally, is Beebe the only person that determines the agenda for these sorts of meetings? 

3.  Per SBN's Sean Keely, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants Arkansas and Notre Dame to join the Big 12, although Arkansas has already denied the report.  Good idea or bad idea?

4.  To piggy-back on Gus Mitchem's FanPost, yesterday, head coach Tommy Tuberville was in San Angelo yesterday (hat-tip G. Kevin) and had this to say about the conference:

"I am disappointed that we lost two very good schools," Tuberville said. "Our conference has to be stronger than that. When you look at a conference like the Big Ten or the SEC, you don’t have schools wanting to leave the conference. There is something wrong. We’ve either got to have better leadership or better communication."

Does this perhaps help clarify that perhaps Tubs was criticizing the head honchos in the Big 12 office rather than looking to bolt as soon as possible?  [Note by Seth C, 06/17/10 6:57 AM CDT ]  And I think quite a bit of this young man.

5.  RB Baron Batch recently was on a mission trip to Belize and took a lot of photos.  There's really no question here, except that I think Batch has come a very long way since he first stepped onto campus at Texas Tech. 

Bonus Question:  I need someone much smarter than me to explain this.  Yesterday, I mentioned the Sports Business Daily article that mentioned the new television deal, emphasis mine:

As part of its proposed deal, FSN has asked to take control of the conference's third-tier rights that are currently controlled by rights holders IMG, ISP and Learfield, sources said. These rights include radio, local media, third-tier TV rights, corporate sponsorships, and in-stadium and arena signage.

If part of the deal is that FSN gets control of those third-tier television rights, which I would assume, oh, I don't know, include your own network, then how in the hell is UT able to have their own network?  Is this a situation where I just need to wait until something more definitive is presented or

Twitter Shout-Outs:  For those of you who don't keep up with technology, Twitter is a service where people can post their status or bits of news from their phone to their Twitter page.  If you're into Twitter feel free to follow @doubletnation, but if you were following folks like @Ryan Hyatt, @Chris Level, @Pete Christy, @Red Raider Nation (Dave Collier), @Courtney Linehan and @Brandon Rawe then you knew what was happening right after the BOR ended or you had constant updates from Beebe's teleconference.