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Red Raider Gridiron :: Torres Talks Learning Curve


Football Outsiders Is Smarter Than Me:  Football Outsiders' Bill Connelly (also writes for Rock M Nation) has a really interesting article that takes a look at college teams that lose talent due to the NFL draft and how that affects the college team the next year.  Too much to try and blockquote, just go read the whole thing.  Bottom line, the Longhorns and Sooners can expect regressions next year, however, Connelly's thesis doesn't take into account teams that lose talent besides to the NFL draft (which would be near impossible).

Torres Interview:  FSSW's Steve Hunt talks with WR Alexander Torres (I really enjoy this series of interviews with players, but would like to see more defensive player interviews) and Torres talks about learning on the go last year:

How do you view your performance last year?

Torres: I felt like last year, I was kind of leaning on a lot of guys. They helped me get through, figure everything out and helped me get through my first year by getting through each game and everything. I’m using last year as a learning curve now. I am going off and looking at old film to find things that I can get better at and try to fix those here in the spring and summer. That way next season, I can eliminate some of the mistakes I made in the past and just really keep progressing.

Hunt also asked Torres about what head coach Tommy Tuberville brings to the program:

What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed in the offense so far under Coach Tuberville?

Torres: Really, the biggest thing is going to be the attention to detail and tempo. We’re focused on a lot more different stuff throughout the route and blocking like coming in under cuts, getting off low, separating from the DB and stuff like that. It’s more attention to detail. The tempo, we’re trying to get lined up and go as fast possible to try and speed up the whole offense in general. Those two things are going to be the biggest transitions that we’re going to make as a receiving corps, getting faster and really paying attention to all the details and stuff.

ESPN Stuff:  ESPN's David Ubben writes about Big 12's spring risers, including RB Harrison Jeffers, and has a Texas Tech spring wrap-up.