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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 05.05.10

Your Help Is Needed:  DTN reader Bryan emailed me yesterday and One Bronco Nation Under God is trying to determine public enemy #1 for Boise St. Bronco fans.  Currently they are making the case against Craig James.  Obviously, they need your help.  I've gone over to OBNUG and linked to Leach's 4th amended petition as a start.

Texas Tech Files Answer, Seeks to Dismiss Lawsuit:  Texas Tech filed an answer in an attempt to dismiss Mike Leach's lawsuit.  TracySaulRulz posted a FanPost yesterday and Let's Go Tech! posted a FanShot.  I'll be honest, most of this legal mumbo-jumbo is above my head.  Despite being an attorney, I won't even pretend to know what I'm talking about as to Texas Tech's defense of the suit.   As TSR noted, this is an interesting bit of spin.  I don't recall a press release when Leach filed the aforementioned 4th petition.  LAJ's Matthew Mcgowan has quotes from both sides:  "Leach's case has no merit" and "Texas Tech is in deep trouble".  Mcgowan notes that the reason why this is coming up now is that Judge Sowder is about to rule on Texas Tech's sovereign immunity defense.  In any event, it also appears that athletic trainer Steve Pinnock's testimony is going to be the key to the lawsuit.  Both sides seem to be relying on the events that transgressed. 

It seems as if the crux of Texas Tech's answer is new testimony from Pinnock and a new affidavit from Dr. Robert Cantu, a really important neurological surgeon, who believes that Leach's treatment of Jennifer James' concussion was inappropriate (I've redacted an inappropriate name):

"I am troubled to think of the extremely negative effect that this humiliating treatment of Adam Jennifer James by Coach Leach most probably had on other members of the football team. The treatment of Adam James would have a chilling effect on teammates reporting their own concussion symptoms and in my opinion was an entirely inappropriate message to send to these student athletes."

Personally, I don't think this affidavit is worth the paper it's written on and my opinion on this may be completely inaccurate, but right now, there seems to be sufficient dispute as to the facts of the case.  The fact that Dr. Cantu thinks that Leach's treatment of Jennifer was inappropriate seems like it will be something that will be tried if, and this is a big if, Leach can overcome the sovereign immunity defense.  If Leach overcomes the sovereign immunity defense, then the facts will be played out like in any other case and a jury will make a decision.  But I serious doubt that Dr. Cantu's affidavit will cause the judge to completely dismiss the suit.

It's A Rivalry:  I'm going to link to and quote the appropriate part, but ESPN's David Ubben interviewed Paul Derrick, who will try to visit every Big 12 stadium this fall.  Here's the gold:

Any particular trip you're looking forward to more than others?

PD: Really looking forward to the big rivalry games like Kansas vs. Kansas State and Texas vs. Texas Tech. The matchup I’m actually looking forward to the most is Oklahoma vs. Florida State. Though, I grew up a Florida State fan as a kid.


Unsolicited Advice:  EDSBS's Spencer Hall gives Alabama fans some unsolicited advice about repeating as a national champion.  This is actually great advice for any fan of any team and something to keep in mind when discussing whether or not this team is better than last year's team.  Just as Texas Tech fans may not appropriately consider the contributions made by Daniel Howard and Brandon Sharpe and some may easily think that other players will pick up the slack.  It's natural to think this way and Texas fans will do the same thing (QB Garrett Gilbert will pick up where McCoy left off or something like that). 

High School Linebackers:  ESPN's Gerry Hamilton reviews the 2011 linebacker class and Texas Tech commit Devon Hocutt gets a mention:

The Texas Tech commit will likely make the move to the defensive line at the next level. The 5-11, 268-pounder with 4.8 speed and a true love for competing is a prospect to keep an eye on. Hocutt seemingly shows up at every combine looking to compete and gain as much experience against top-notch competition as possible.

Also mentioned is Trey Brown who is apparently waiting on a Texas Tech offer:

The 6-1, 205-pound hard-hitter has offers from Oklahoma and Houston along with interest from Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and others from around the region. Texas Tech is the favorite of Brown as he patiently awaits an offer. The past two seasons he has been part of one of the faster defenses in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

No Arms, But Focused:  DMN's Chuck Carlton writes about the Red Raider baseball club, in particular the fact that Texas Tech has very few pitchers, but continues to win Big 12 conference games. 

The Natural wasn't this improbable, which is why Spencer is relishing the season.

"This club, with what they do with what we have, has been as rewarding an experience as I've ever been around in college baseball," Spencer said.

And that includes the two College World Series titles Spencer helped Oregon State win as associate coach in 2006 and '07.