I'm sure many of you have gotten an email from the Alumni Association with the link to Tech's motion for dismissal of Leach's case against the school (link below).

Motion to Dismiss

It seems to hinge on the opinion of a "leading" neurosurgeon, which would be just fine if he just answered the only question that matters: "Was Adam James concussion worsened by the events that transpired". The answer has already previously been answered as "no" by other doctors.
Instead, we get a doctor overstepping his expertise with quotes like "I am troubled to think of the extremely negative effect that this humiliating treatment of Adam James by Coach Leach most probably had on other members of the football team. The treatment of Adam James would have a chilling effect on teammates reporting their own concussion symptoms and in my opinion was an entirely inappropriate message to send to these student athletes."

"humiliating" - Is he a neurologist or a psychologist? I'm not aware of the medical study done showing that humiliation worsens a concussion.
"most probably" - Sounds solid to me.
"chilling effect on teammates reporting their own concussion symptoms" - Another inference that Amber was disciplined for having a concussion. Not even worth the effort to refute.

I think the thing that disturbs me most is that I got the link to the article in an email from the Alumni Association, who obviously think we are not capable of making an informed decision on the subject without providing their agenda. Bad PR move on the part of a group that I would think would be making an effort to win over the alumni who have stepped away from the coffers until some closure is reached.

I'm still waiting for the mound of extra evidence of past transgressions that the admin claimed to have when this all started. Until then, I'll hang on to my donations to the Alumni Association. I'm not completely withholding my support, though. I've signed up with the Tech Mentor program that links current students with alumni in industry for advice and guidance. Also had the idea of providing my own scholarship. That way I can pick where and to whom my money goes and my company has a very nice donation matching program.

Don't get me wrong. If solid evidence is presented that Ashley's concussion was worsened by this treatment and/or that there are instances in the past of Leach putting other players at risk of serious harm (pulled hammies not withstanding), I'm all for dismissal of the suit, would hope he never gets another coaching job and my donations to the TTAA would flow once again.

end rant

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